All Scholarship list for MBBS for Nepalese

Here is the list of all scholarships available for Nepalese in Medical field.


IOM, Maharaj Gunj ( ) 42+1(Staff Seat) Aswin Phy 20 Chem 30 Zool 30 Bot 20


Ph-4410911, 4413729

Elig: 50% (Same as MOE)
MOE* , Around 200 seats(General) 55%(Reserved) 45%(gov school, Girls, madhesi, Janajati, dalit, Muslim, Remote, Apanga)

Entrance of MOE- Two times a year Mangsir and Ashadh

Entrance Model- Phy 30 Chem 30 Zool 20 Bot 20


Scholarship Dept,
Ministry of education,

Eligibility– Elig: 50% Own syllabus, 95% entrance and 5% from +2, negative marking -0.25 for each wrong answer

Seat: General 17 Women 2Janajati 3 Dalit 1 Remote 4 Faculty 1 staff 1 BDS 6+2

Entrance date for BPKIHSDharan: April 1
Entrance Model– Phy 50 Chem 50 Bio 50 Eng 30 GK 10 Medical Aptitude 10


BPKIHS, Dharan,
Sunsari 025-5255555, Elig:50%
Entrance Exam details- No given syllabus, Questions from +2/I Sc and some outside topics

PAHS Patan

Entrance- 7 Baisakh

Entrance Model– NO PCB Only PQA like MOJAC, NACE, PCI, MAT and interview


PAHS, Patan Hospital
Ph- 5545151

Elig: 50% in plus 2 or Health science. Only Govt school SLC product may apply in scholarship.

Entrance date: 3-5 April

Entrance Model: Phy 30 Chem 30 Bio 30 Eng 30


Indian Embassy

Elig:60% aggregate (PCB) and 50% in English of class 12 only CBSE curriculum

Japanese Embassy

Entrance date- 1 or 2 July/Aug.


PCBM Embassy of Japan,

Eligibility: 75% average in SLC and plus 2

Pakistan Embassy 5 September PCB

Embassy of Pakistan,

eligibility: 70% in plus 2

MP Jagadamba Guthimadan puraskar .org

Entrance date- 2 Baisakh PCB

Entrance model- subjective& objective both and essay in Nepali and interview


MP Guthi, PatanDhoka


Eligibility; 60% in plus 2


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