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About Nepal

 Nepal is beautiful landlocked country. With land form ranging flat land Terai to high Himalayas, Nepal has various geographical features. You can know a lot about Nepal both online as well as in various types of media. Nepal is often considered third world nation due to the slow pace of development and various other development indexes. Nepal has […] Continue reading →

Nepal television

 Established in the 2040s, Nepal Television is continuously providing its service to Nepali. It is owned by the Government of Nepal and is also the oldest television channel of Nepal. It was the only channel for many years. It broadcasts programs of different natures and tastes. It has continuous news services as well as various public concern programs […] Continue reading →

Nepali Lok Geet Nepali Lok Dohori Geet Nepali Song

 Nepali lok geet are always heart touching. They incorporate true emotions of a Nepali. With time, Nepali lok geet are also being modernized and new versions are being introduced. Being more authentic lok geet, they have been more like Lok-pop. Lok in Nepali means Folk. They are more about society. They are composed with folk music. However, lots […] Continue reading →

Nepali pop Songs collection with lyrics

 As the name itself suggests Nepali Pop Songs are very popular in Nepal. Pop is abbreviation for Popular and it is one of the most appreciated genres in Nepal too. Various talented artists have given their songs and entertained us till the day. So far history of music in Nepal is concerned, things are said to have started […] Continue reading →

Bakery Cafe nanglo bakery cafe alinas bakery cafe menu

 The Bakery Cafe and Alina’s Bakery Cafe are some of the leading names when it comes to food chains in Nepal. They have been serving with their delicious food for more than couple of decades. They are well known of their service, large space and spacious parking too. People enjoy going to their outlets, be it in group […] Continue reading →

Nepali Poems

 Nepali poems have also been part of our culture. They are also habit of significant numbers of Nepalese when it comes to expression of feelings, sentiments, emotions, respect as well as appreciation. People generally compose poems for personal reference while they also like to recite them to friends or mass. Similarly, some of these Nepali poems also get […] Continue reading →

New Nepali Movies

 From Satya Harischandra to Himmatwali and New Nepali Movies, things have progressed a lot. Nepali Movies have indeed created huge market but it is still not enough as regular movie watchers in Nepal still don’t prefer Nepali movies. There had been ignorance for some years but with new cinema scope, fresh and talent casts, different directorial perspective, mindset […] Continue reading →

Top School of Nepal Kathmandu Pokhara Morang

 Top school of Nepal listed according to the performance on SLC Result for continuously three years of time period. These are the top school of Nepal which has 100% pass result on slc examination (School Leaving Certificate Examination) since three years. School Leaving Certificate Examination is also called as the career gate for students and […] Continue reading →

Comedy Nights with Kapil Online in Nepal

 Nepalese viewers love Comedy Nights with Kapil. There is amazing response for Comedy Nights with Kapil online in Nepal. Baba Ji Ka Thullu, slang of Kapil has hung of on the tongue of hundreds and thousands of Nepalese. Despite of being Indian comedy show, it has been able to win heart of millions of Nepalese viewers. Guthi, Palak, […] Continue reading →

Comedy Nights with Kapil in Nepal

 Indian comedy TV show Comedy Nights with Kapil has huge reception in Nepal. We feel entertained by each dose of comedy Kapil and his cast address. Being premiered from June 2013, the show is continuously climbing height of success. The show addresses everyday issues in a common man life. Kapil stands as character and provides take on issues […] Continue reading →

Best Restaurants in Thamel Cheap Restaurants in Thamel

 There are many restaurants in Thamel, Kathmandu. Kathmandu is capital city of Nepal and offers everything an individual would wish for. When places in Kathmandu are talked about, Thamel is a city within this city that cannot be left out. It is tourist destination and junction of Kathmandu. Every second person you shall see there would be a […] Continue reading →

BBC Nepali Sewa BBC for Nepal

 BBC Nepali Sewa is dedicated towards continuous and reliable information service in Nepal. BBC is Britain based international news agency. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. What are the services being offered by BBC Nepali Sewa? Here is BBC Nepali Sewa Website info and you will be able to browse through all the services that BBC Nepali Sewa […] Continue reading →

BBC Nepal, BBC Nepali Sewa, BBC for Nepal

 BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is serving Nepalese too in the sector of news and information for years. It is recognized as BBC Nepali Sewa. BBC Nepali Sewa website info can be browsed through the link In the website, you can have brief outlook of the services of BBC Nepali Sewa and you will also get to […] Continue reading →

USAID Nepal | USAID Nepal Calendar 2015

 USAID Nepal has been one of the top development partners of Nepal. Learn everything here on USAID and Nepal. Here you will learn history of USAID, history of USAID and Nepal. USAID Nepal and its works and achievements. USAID Nepal 2015 An assistance agreement between Official of USAID Nepal and official of Nepal government has […] Continue reading →

Comedy Nights with Kapil in Nepal

 Comedy Nights with Kapil has huge number of views in Nepal too. This outstanding show of Indian comedian Kapil Sharma is popular in Nepal. Being premiered on 22 June 2013 on Colors TV, this show rose to popularity in quick succession and has been able to become one of the best shows in Indian Television industry. The show […] Continue reading →

Restaurants in Thamel Cheap Restaurants in Kathmandu

 There are lots of restaurants in thamel Kathmandu. You shall find many fine cheap restaurants in Kathmandu Thamel too. Thamel is often recognized as a busy center in the Kathmandu valley with Tourists enjoying and spending time. With lots of handicrafts being showcased for sales, it has been marked as Tourists spot. But the day starts and ends […] Continue reading →