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About Nepal Unknown true Facts about Nepal

 Nepal is beautiful country best described for its natural beauty and historical significance. With lots of heritages also listed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List, thousands of tourists both domestic as well as international visit Nepal. Nepal covers less than a percentage of the land in Asia but still stands tall and sovereign. The symbol of peace, […] Continue reading →

Firebird- First Mobile web Browser of Nepal

 Calender, games, other useful apps and now Nepalese developers have made a fully functional fast android web browser too, a thing to be very proud of. Developed by prbstudios, lead by Prabin Bhusal, a computer engineering student in his first year of bachelor’s in Kantipur Engineering College, firebird is an experience on its own. Based […] Continue reading →

Top Websites of Nepal with links

 Top websites of Nepal with links. Nepalese may want to know what is the top website of Nepal? The answer is here. Nepalese wish to visit these websites. Now, we have mentioned the ranking from alexa which provides ranking system in Nepal.,,,, stands for top 5 websites that are visited from Nepal. Nevertheless,,, […] Continue reading →

Be Careful withdrawing money through ATM

 If you are withdrawing money via ATM, you must be careful. Some notorious people may be waiting to copy your ATM password and serial number and try to withdraw your money through E-Banking. Nepal Police has recently arrested Indian citizen Bhuwan Pandy and Dilip Kumar Yadav from Birgunj claiming that they have withdrew money from E-banking copying […] Continue reading →

HSEB Result 2074 Nepal HSEB Results

 Higher Secondary Education Board Nepal (known as HSEB Nepal) is the governing body for the higher secondary education. It co-ordinates, administrates as well as regulates functioning of all the higher secondary levels of schools throughout the nation. When it comes to higher secondary education in Nepal, grade 11 and 12 are considered to be the […] Continue reading →

Nepal Airlines Offers save great amount [new]

 Nepal airlines international flights to Delhi, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong do have great offers which help to save money. Travelers knowing these offers of Nepal airlines can be benefited. You can get information on latest offers by Nepal airlines in this page. Nepal Airlines latest offers, schemes, promotions are included in this page. Nepal […] Continue reading →

What After SLC? How to choose college?

 SLC Result is out and its a time to students to select the colleges for further studies. Now, SLC passed students should make a vision and ambition for career. The first thing for students is their interest. Its a well known fact that the if interest and education meets, you can achieve success earlier. What […] Continue reading →

Google Adsense Pin Verification in Nepal

 Google Adsense is a best program for collecting revenue for webmasters. Webmasters, bloggers can earn good money for a good content. It is estimated around 5 thousand bloggers are from Nepal who are earning money from Adsense. After earning $10 in Adsense account, Google Adsense sends a PIN to your home address which you have […] Continue reading →

Nepal Earthquake volunteer program by Project Hope

 Nepal- Pending Disaster Response (Volunteer), Volunteers 255 Carter Hall Lane Millwood, Virginia, 22646 United States Recruiting Volunteers for Potential Disaster Response in Nepal  ***This announcement will be updated as we have information to share. At the moment we do not know timeframes, costs, etc*** Background: Project HOPE has played a crucial role in saving lives […] Continue reading →

Nepal Earthquake 2015 Nepal Earthquake 2072 [up to date]

 Big Earthquake hit Nepal on 2015 April 25 [Baisakh 12 2072 at 11:56 NST]. Nepal Earthquake 2015 has created lots of destruction in Nepal with more than five thousand of dead bodies. Nepal Earthquake 2015 Destruction Loss of life Human Body loss is regarded as a heavy loss by earthquake. Till now on April 27 […] Continue reading →

Nepali Khana – Alu Jira

 Learn how to cook Nepali khana. Nepali khana is loved by tourist. Who come to visit Nepal. Thamel area are famous for Nepali khana. Now, you can prepare yourself Nepali khana and enjoy your taste. Nepali khana healthy and full with nutrition. Nepali Khana Alu Jira cooking method: Time will take 20-25 minute. 3-4 persons […] Continue reading →

About Nepal

 Nepal is beautiful landlocked country. With land form ranging flat land Terai to high Himalayas, Nepal has various geographical features. You can know a lot about Nepal both online as well as in various types of media. Nepal is often considered third world nation due to the slow pace of development and various other development indexes. Nepal has […] Continue reading →

Nepal television

 Established in the 2040s, Nepal Television is continuously providing its service to Nepali. It is owned by the Government of Nepal and is also the oldest television channel of Nepal. It was the only channel for many years. It broadcasts programs of different natures and tastes. It has continuous news services as well as various public concern programs […] Continue reading →

Nepali Lok Geet Nepali Lok Dohori Geet Nepali Song

 Nepali lok geet are always heart touching. They incorporate true emotions of a Nepali. With time, Nepali lok geet are also being modernized and new versions are being introduced. Being more authentic lok geet, they have been more like Lok-pop. Lok in Nepali means Folk. They are more about society. They are composed with folk music. However, lots […] Continue reading →