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How to remove smiley central from facebook

 Smiley central is an application which allows you to insert smiley while chatting with various online applications like : yahoo, facebook, myspace, etc. The smiley central application also consist its own toolbar for various browers like : IE elplorer and firefox. This might be sometimes annoying. You can easily remove the smiley central application from […] Continue reading →

Easy and free facebook smileys

 Here is a list of easy and free facebook smiley. This smileys are free to use and very easy to insert while chatting with your friends online in facebook. Many types of variations can be used while chatting with your friends. Smiley help to make your chat better and more natural. The smiley below are […] Continue reading →

Domking smiley facebook, Smoking smiley facebook

 The Somking smiley for facebook show a smiley head badly addicted to smoking cigarette. He is smoking a bunch of 5 cigarette at a time. He can smoke in your face like a human. This is a very tough smiley. This can be a great surprise for your friends when you send this smiley to […] Continue reading →

Markеt Samurai Reviеw

 If уou are an Internеt markеter аnd yоu hаven’t yet hеаrd аbout the Market Samurаi sоftware from Nоble Samurаі, you wіll soon. Thіѕ awesome pіeсe оf ѕoftware hаѕ revolutіonizеd оnlinе аnd nіche marketіng reѕearch аnd rесent upgrаdeѕ havе madе іt mоrе рowеrful than еvеr! Mаrkеt Sаmurai іѕ еasily the mоѕt rеvolutionаrу Online marketіng reѕearch tоol […] Continue reading →

Make a Mobile App From a WordPress Site

 Do you want to improve the rate of visitors for your WordPress web page along with improving its brand name? One of the best ways to do this is to turn your web page into an app which can be placed in respected app shops like Apple’s App Store and Search engines Play etc. It […] Continue reading →

SAARC Youth Award 2010

 SAARC Youth Award 2010: SAARC invites applications from the youth of the region to participate in the “SAARC Youth Award – 2010”. The aim of the Scheme is to provide suitable recognition to extra-ordinary young talents and encourage the overall development of the youth in the region. Objectives: to give recognition to the outstanding work […] Continue reading →

Kathmandu University Postdoctoral Program

 Kathmandu University, college of medical science has invited for the Postdoctoral courses (DM/M.Ch) programs of the Kathmandu University at college of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, a premier institute of Nepal. The postdoctoral courses are un under the guidance of experienced faculty having highest alification and reputaiton in their respective specialties. All the departments are equipped with […] Continue reading →

Nepal Madhesh Foundation: Researchers Wanted

 Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) is a kathmandu based NGO working in Madhesh/Terai. NEMAF is actively engaged both at central and local level through activities such as research, advocacy and population. In line with the goal, NEMAF is going to conduct researches on: Status of Youths in Madhesh, Status of Women in Madhesh, Analysis of Nepal […] Continue reading →

How to Get Cool Smileys on Facebook?

 Using Cool Facebook Smileys for Facebook chat login makes you feel easy to express Facebook smileys or emoticons. Here is a way we are describing to get cool smileys on facebook. Basically, there are lots of cool Smileys on facebook which can be used anytime, anywhere on on facebook chat or facebook private messaging. Be clear that, facebook never […] Continue reading →

memes para facebook

 Facebook Memes are easy and shortest codes for Facebook Chat. Facebook Codes used to transform into an icons are known as Facebook Memes. These Facebook Memes can only be used during Facebook chat and Facebook Private messaging. What happens when Facebook Memes are used in status? – Nothing will get changed and whatever you have […] Continue reading →