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Block Websites Without Software [Windows Xp Tricks]

 Here is a cool tips on how to block websites without using any kind of softwares. With this trick , you don’t have to use any kind of shareware and freeware softwares. All you need is the following simple tips. Steps: 1. Browse C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc 2. Find the file named “HOSTS” 3. Open it in notepad […] Continue reading →

List of all File Format Converters

 File converters are very rear to find. Though you find, some ask to make full version, that means you need to pay for it. Here is the easiest and free method to convert any file you want to any format.You can convert any type of file such as document file, presentation file, audio or video […] Continue reading →

Pokhara University Exam Routine Published

 Pokhara University, Nepal has published new examination schedule (examination routine). Pokhara University runs several program and routine of university has been listed over here. Pokhara University runs several faculties: Engineering, Health, Management etc for bachelors as well as masters level. University has published the routine for the examination. Pokhara University conducts examination in a semester […] Continue reading →

Programs You Didn’t Know Existed On Your PC.

 Most of us are very familiar with Windows XP and have explored almost all the programs that come default with XP. Here are four programs you most probably didn’t know existed on your computer. Private Character Editor There is an accessory program called the Private Character Editor included with Windows XP that is quite obscure […] Continue reading →

Different Types of Computer Viruses – [PC Security]

 There are Different Types of Computer Viruses could be classified in (origin, techniques, types of files they infect, where they hide, the kind of damage they cause, the type of operating system or platform they attack) etc. Let us have a look at them… Computer Virus is a kind of malicious software written intentionally to […] Continue reading →

Miss Nepal 2012

 This year 17 candidates are struggling for Title of Miss Nepal 2012.   Participants for Miss Nepal 2012   Sonam Singh Contestant no. 01ठेगाना ः मलङ्गवा-४, सर्लाही उमेर ः २१ वर्ष उचाइ ः ५ फिट साढे ५ इन्च तौल ः ५४ किलोग्राम। हाल पोखरास्थित मणिपाल कलेज अफ मेडिकल साइन्सेसमा एमबिबिएस छैटौं सेमेस्टरमा अध्ययनरत सोनम सिंहको लक्ष्य कार्डियोलजिस्ट  […] Continue reading →

Easy And Fastest way to Shut Down your Computer.

 Sometimes you might be in real hurry that you may not have time to wait until your computer shuts down.. In that case what do you do?? switch off power button?? or unplugg power cable?? No … thats not a good idea.. cuz it may damage any file or your hard disk.. So here’s one […] Continue reading →

Ghost in Newroad (with video)

 भूतको हल्ला Ghost in Newroad ? खासमा भएको चैँ के थियो त? कुरा एभिन्युज टेलिभिजनसँग जोडिएको थियो। त्यसैले त्यहाँका साथीलाई सोधेँ। अनि पो बल्ल कुरा थाहा भयो। खासमा भएको चैँ के रहेछ भने न्युरोडको एउटा घरमा भूत छ भन्ने कुरा सुनिएकोले यस विषयमा एउटा रिपोर्ट बनाउने कुरा भएछ। वास्तु नमिलेकोले पो त्यसो भएको हो कि […] Continue reading →