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DHURBE out of control after 16 lakhs invest!

 April 9th,2013- After investing  16 lakhs ,Chitwan National Park is not yet able to take in control  and find the details of DHURBE Elephant(male). No one knows it’s alive or not. DHURBE took life of 15 people and to control the activities of this elephant, Radio device was attached with its body. But the positioning […] Continue reading →

BUDGET for 2074 Nepal Budget 2074

 Government of Nepal is ready to bring up the BUDGET for the fiscal year 074/075 (2017-18). After the  approval from meeting of cabinet  and president ,the Budget is ready to be published. The budget is near to 4 kharb, which will also separate enough expense  for the election. The Budget will not include any political […] Continue reading →

Boating in Fewa Lake, Pokhara

 Boating in Fewa Lake Report. It has been just 24 hours, a serious boat accident on Begnas Lake. With the incident, District Administration Office, Pokhara has made compulsion on wearing life jacket during boating on Fewa Lake and Begnas Lake. Not only that, District Administration Office, Pokhara fixed a number of passengers on a boat. […] Continue reading →

Nepali New Year 2075 wallpapers greetings

 Collection of New year 2075 wallpapers and greetings. We have collected the best designs and best wallpapers for 2075 new year from different areas. Wish you have a happiest new year 2075. God Bless you and wish your days be more smarter and more fun. Wishing only you does not make us happy. We wish […] Continue reading →

Ishani Shrestha: MISS NEPAL 2013

 Nepal gets it’s next DIVAS! The Hidden Treasure MISS NEPAL  2013 goes to :  Ishani Shrestha! Bubbling over with effervescence, charm and poise, contestant number 6 Ishani Shrestha won hearts galore in taking the coveted crown of Miss Nepal 2013 in the presence of an enthusiastic crowd at the Nepal Academy in Kathmandu on Wednesday evening. Miss […] Continue reading →

Girlfriend of Rajesh Hamal (Photos)

 It was published about the girl friend of Rajesh Hamal on Saptahik Weekly Newspaper last friday and moreover Sketch of her was also published. Here are the real photos of (Madhu Bhattarai) girlfriend of Superstar Rajesh Hamal. Madhu Bhattarai is a girl friend of Actor Rajesh Hamal. Few more photos of Madhu Bhattarai (Girl Friend of […] Continue reading →

New load shedding routine 2074

 Loadshedding is common in Nepal. Loadshedding schedule, loadshedding routine has been a basic thing that we need to check four times a day. New load shedding routine 2074 is a loadshedding time table for 2074. We regularly update loadshedding time table and loadshedding timing hours in this page during 2074. So, do not forget to […] Continue reading →

Bitter Truth of Nepal

 आजको ‘कान्तिपुर’मा प्रकाशित यो तस्बीरले बन्दको आतंकले पिल्सिएका सबै नेपालीको पिडा बोलेको छ। यो तस्वीर हाम्रो देशकै प्रतीक हो। हाम्रा पत्रु दलहरुले देशलाई यस्तै बनाईदिएका छन्। घाईते बनाएर र भाँचिन आँटेको वैशाखीमा टेकाएर हिँडाईरहेछन्। के को सजाय दिईरहेछन् यिनीहरु देशलाई???? हिजो ड्याश माओवादीले आयोजना गरेको बन्द नामक आतंकका कारण सात किलोमीटर हिँड्नुपर्ने बाध्यतामा पुगेकी यी […] Continue reading →

Deep Purple performing live in Nepal:15th March 2013

 Deep Purple are a British rock band formed in Hertford in 1968. They are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, although some band members claimed that their music cannot be categorised as belonging to any one genre. They were listed in the 1975 Guinness Book of World Records as “the globe’s loudest band” for a 1972 concert at London’s Rainbow […] Continue reading →

Ncell Paisa Double Offer under Investigation

 With new offers Ncell ,which is rapidly growing GSM company in Nepal surely attracted many new users. But very little of them are aware of the reality behind the offers. Presently , the NCELL money Double Offer is under the Investigation of Communication Department . According to the Borard ‘s report, Ncell had advertised in […] Continue reading →

SLC preparation material of Science-grade 10 विज्ञान

 SLC को तयारी गर्दै रहेका बिधार्थीलाई बिज्ञानमा सहयोग गर्नको लागि ,विज्ञानका  केही पाठहरु को notes यहा राखेका छौं: (SLC old questions with answers) SLC preparation material Science script -7 final SLC preparation material Science script – 8 final SLC preparation material Science Script- 9 final SLC preparation material Science script -10 final SLC preparation material […] Continue reading →

SLC preparation material of maths-grade 10 गाणित

 SLC को तयारी गर्दै रहेका बिधार्थीलाई गाणितमा सहयोग गर्नको लागि ,गणितका केही पाठहरु को notes यहा राखेका छौं: SLC preparation material Math script -11 final SLC preparation material Math script -12 final SLC preparation material Math script – 13 final SLC preparation material Math script -14 final सबै पाठहरुको notes राख्न नसकेकोमा  we are sorry! […] Continue reading →