CTEVT Results, ctevt notices, ctevt scholarships, ctevt forms

CTEVT Results, CTEVT Notices

CTEVT Results

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  • Result of TSLC Entrance Exam of Nepalgunj Center
  • Chance-Anm Back Result
  • Result of Retotalling Result Dilpoma and PCL Health all
  • Result of Nursing 1st Year Back Special Scholarship
  • Results of CMA Regular, Special Program ANM, Masika ANM and Social Mobilization


CTEVT Notices

  • 2069-04-01 Additional Institute
  • Entrance Samastigat Form 2069/70
  • Entrance Roll Number 2069/70
  • 2069-03-29 Additional Institute
  • 2069-03-27 Additional Institute


Merit based Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to the best performing students in the entrance exam from among all the competitors who had filled the form as full fee payers in the respective schools. In this category, the full scholarship is provided to the top first student, whereas, half scholarship is provided to the top second student in each of the affiliated and CTEVT managed schools. This applies for the first year admission, where as for the scholarship of second and third years, the result of previous year / semester will be considered as the basis for scholarship.

Classified Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to the hard-up students from among women, dalit, ethnic group, martyrs, former kamaiya, haliaya and disadvantaged groups of people. The first best performing students in the entrance exam from these groups will get full scholarship, whereas the second best performing student will get partial scholarship. This scholarship is provided for the whole educational year/s. The evaluation of the scholarship holder/s will be done as below:

New update

Special Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to only the students who passed SLC from community high schools. Those interested candidates need to fill up the form developed (by Exam Controller’s Office) for this purpose and have competition in the national level. This type of scholarship is provided to the regular students of first, second and third years of diploma level for which 75 quotas in each of the years has been allocated. Thus, total number of 225 students will be benefited from this scholarship and total value of scholarship is Rs. 5000/- per months, amount exceeding to that needs to be borne by the student himself or herself. For this purpose, total allocated quotas for each of the three years of Diploma can further be divided into three of major programs; health, engineering and agriculture as follows:
–    45 quotas for health trades
–    21 quotas for engineering trades and
–    9 quotas for agriculture and food technology trades
Each of the trade wise quotas is further classified as follow:



Note: Those who get special scholarship need to study at the institute assigned by Exam Controller’s Office of CTEVT and also need to submit letter of agreement as prescribed by the Council.


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