IELTS Test Date 2016 2017 Nepal

IELTS test date 2016 Nepal is full till April 2016. Those who booked the test date must pay fee by 14 days. If they do not pay the fee, the vacant seat date will re-open. Check the seats over here.

Book IELTS Test Date Nepal

IELTS test date is easy to book. Candidates can book IELTS test date in two steps. Follow these steps to book IELTS date.

  • Go to
  • Scroll Down to Upcoming Test Dates at the end of the page. This list includes the latest test dates available.

ielts test date

This is blank in the screenshot because all date till September were closed yesterday. Note that canceled dates will re-open and are listed here.

  • You can check the test dates on Find Test Date section. You can select date, Town/City, Module and click on find option.

book ielts test date

  • Doing so, you will get list with IELTS test dates. You will see availability of IELTS test dates like Apply Now, Closed, Full. If you see apply now, you can apply.

test date academic


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