List of all Facebook Memes

Facebook Memes is used on facebook chat and private messaging on facebook.  Facebook Memes can be just recognized as a facebook emoticons. We are sharing lots of facebook memes over here. Pasting a shortcut shown over here will produce a MEME image automatically while chatting with your partner. Meme is an easy way to express expression in facebook. So, the publicity of Facebook Meme is increasing day by day.

Here is a short tips on how to use Facebook memes on your Facebook. It is really easy way to use facebook memes. You can just copy the shortcut codes shown below on your facebook chat or facebook private messaging box. This will automatically be convert into an facebook meme.


Troll Face MemeTroll Face[[171108522930776]]
Me Gusta MemeMe Gusta[[164413893600463]]
Yaoming MemeYaoming[[218595638164996]]
LOLOLOL MemeLOLOLOL[[189637151067601]]
Poker Face MemePoker Face[[129627277060203]]
Forever Alone MemeForever Alone[[227644903931785]]
Okay MemeOkay[[100002752520227]]
Like A Boss[[105387672833401]]
Challenge Accepted MemeChallenge Accepted[[100002727365206]]
Derp[S] MemeDerp[S][[224812970902314]]
Are You F* Kidding Me MemeAre You F* Kidding Me[[143220739082110]]
Feel Like A Sir MemeFeel Like A Sir[[168040846586189]]
Not Bad MemeNot Bad[[169919399735055]]
Mother Of God[[142670085793927]]
Cereal Guy MemeCereal Guy[[170815706323196]]
No MemeNo[[167359756658519]]
Derpina MemeDerpina[[192644604154319]]
Not Bad Obama MemeNot Bad Obama[[169919399735055]]
FUUUU MemeFUUUU[[145768898802324]]
Y U No MemeY U No[[106043532814443]]
Nothing To Do Here MemeNothing To Do Here[[110866125664747]]
It's OK MemeIt’s OK[[148578318584679]]
Watch out, we got a badass over here[[WeGotABadassOverHere]]


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