LIST of Wireless Internet Service (WiFi) Providers in Nepal

Nowadays there are many ISP companies providing WIFI as their important service. Through WIFI you can connect your computer with the internet without having any wires or fibers. You can transmit the data with the help of air. Here we have listed some of the leading WIFI providers of Nepal. Lets have a look:

1. WebSurfer Nepal

2. Mercantile Communications

3. Himal Technologies

4. WorldLink Technologies

5. Broadlink WiFi

6. Subisu Wireless Cablenet

7. Radius Communications

8. Classic Tech WiFi

9. Cherry World Communication

10. Nepal Telecom WiFi service


Among them  Broadlink WiFi is providing WIFI among the whole country. Their WIFI services are affordable too.

New update:

How our country runs in terms of physical infrastructure development with hours and hours of power cut (loadshedding), we still have a good number of telco companies and Internet Service Providers. Even though data (internet) customers in Nepal are not happy with the service providers in a way or the others, we have enough number of Wireless Internet Service Providers (WiFi ISPs) running in various cities in Nepal and airing tonnes of bandwidth every single second. Currently there are 45 registered ISPs in Nepal (excluding Network Service Providers). In this article, we review currently operating WiFi ISPs (both fixed and mobile WiFi providers, excluded are mobile operators) in Nepal.


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