Lumia Windows Phone: It’s like “a friend, not a tool”

Whenever The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talks, the geeks community will pay interest. And his most latest feedback favoring a Nokia Lumia Ms windows Cellphone over the Android system Razr and iPhone 4S may just set off (another) firestorm among the The apple company trustworthy.

Woz just cannot get enough of Ms windows Cell phone’s stylish program, which he says is less complicated than Android Operating system, and a “no contest” better encounter than iOS. Content came in a latest appointment with Gina Smith (co-author of the Wozniak resource “iWoz”) and Dan Patterson.

New update:

It’s never particularly described which Lumia phone Woz is mentioning, but it’s most likely the new leading system, the Lumia 900. In my evaluation, I known as the Lumia 900 the best $100 mobile phone yet, so it’s not a large shock to see Woz going ga-ga over it. He also said that the deficit of excellent third-party applications is a issue for Ms windows Cellphone.

While Woz still views the iPhone his overall preferred mobile phone, his feedback are important to note. Ms windows Cellphone is at a factor where it’s successful over crazy techies — if Ms can keep up the strength throughout the season, it could end up being a much more powerful competition come the discharge of Ms windows Cellphone 8 (AKA “Apollo”) later this season.


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