memes para facebook

Facebook Memes are easy and shortest codes for Facebook Chat. Facebook Codes used to transform into an icons are known as Facebook Memes. These Facebook Memes can only be used during Facebook chat and Facebook Private messaging.

What happens when Facebook Memes are used in status?

– Nothing will get changed and whatever you have typed will get displayed.

What happens when Facebook Memes are used in Comments?

-Same thing happens as mentioned above.


For using Facebook memes, your friend need not install any software on their device. They can easily see images and icons just sending a code.

Collection of Facebook Memes:

Troll Face MemeTroll Face[[171108522930776]]
Me Gusta MemeMe Gusta[[164413893600463]]
Yaoming MemeYaoming[[218595638164996]]
LOLOLOL MemeLOLOLOL[[189637151067601]]
Poker Face MemePoker Face[[129627277060203]]
Forever Alone MemeForever Alone[[227644903931785]]
Okay MemeOkay[[100002752520227]]
Like A Boss[[105387672833401]]
Challenge Accepted MemeChallenge Accepted[[100002727365206]]
Derp[S] MemeDerp[S][[224812970902314]]
Are You F* Kidding Me MemeAre You F* Kidding Me[[143220739082110]]
Feel Like A Sir MemeFeel Like A Sir[[168040846586189]]
Not Bad MemeNot Bad[[169919399735055]]
Mother Of God[[142670085793927]]
Cereal Guy MemeCereal Guy[[170815706323196]]
No MemeNo[[167359756658519]]
Derpina MemeDerpina[[192644604154319]]
Not Bad Obama MemeNot Bad Obama[[169919399735055]]
FUUUU MemeFUUUU[[145768898802324]]
Y U No MemeY U No[[106043532814443]]
Nothing To Do Here MemeNothing To Do Here[[110866125664747]]
It's OK MemeIt’s OK[[148578318584679]]
Watch out, we got a badass over here[[WeGotABadassOverHere]]


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