Ncell nepal Recharge Card Bonus, Ncell Prize

Ncell Nepal

has come up with great prizes and offers. Bonus on every recharge.
When your balance runs low, recharge your account using recharge cards and following any of the below mentioned procedure:

  • Dial *102*PIN number of recharge card# and then press the call button
  • Dial 90012 and then enter the PIN number of your recharge card.
  • Type the PIN number of your recharge card and send SMS to 90012.

Ncell recharge cards are available in Ncell Centres, Ncell Shops and other authorized shops across the nation.
You can also recharge your account for Rs. 10 and above from any of the nearest Ncell authorized outlets using Virtual Fund Transfer (VFT).

Get Bonus with every recharge

With every recharge of Rs. 100 and above, you will get bonus balance which you can use to call or text your friends and family within Ncell network or to surf internet in your mobile.

The bonus balance you receive will depend on how much amount you recharged and how many days you have been using the SIM card.

Age of SIM card
Recharged amount (Rs.)Up to 1 YearMore than 1 year
100 to 199510
200 to 2991520
300 to 4992535
500 to 9994560
1000 and above95125

New update:

Conditions for Getting Bonus Amount:
1. While calculation of customer’s length (e.g. months, years) of presence in the network, the change in mobile number will not affect the initial period. Meaning that no matter how many SIM cards or telephone numbers customer change – calculation of his length of presence in the network starts from the first day of joining the network.

2. Top up values are not accumulated. Bonus is not given on the basis of sum for values nominal of top-ups but for one time value of top-up. For example: if customer tops-up Rs 50 twice, the amount is not counted as Rs 100 one time top-up and therefore customer is not accounted to have bonus amount.

3. Recharge from all channels are valid for getting bonus amount after top-up which includes Recharge cards, Mobile Top – Up (VFT), Cash, Bank and Online Payment.


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