Ncell new Tariff, Ncell call rate per minute

Ncell has recently cut off the tariff to Rs. 1.99 per minute. That means, Ncell users can talk with any one at any part of the country for Rs. 1.99 per minute in any network like utl, ntc. Ncell says, previously it was Rs. 2.14 to Rs. 2.84, Now it will be more ease for costumers because it is the lowest tariff in comparision to other networks.

Lets be clear about RAMRO and SAJILO scheme
In Ramro scheme, you can call any three NCELL numbers at rate of 0.99 per minute and rest calls to other NCELL numbers costs 1.99 per minute. Calling to Other Networks, it is even more in Ramro scheme RS 2.14 to Rs 2.84 per minute.

In Sajilo Scheme, You will not get any three Numbers to call at 0.99 per minute. Each call costs 1.99 per minute to any where.

Remember, In Ramro Scheme, While calling to Ncell numbers after 10pm – 6am, it costs 80 paisa per minute. But this feature is not provided in Sajilo Scheme.

To change Your Ramro Tariff to Sajilo Tariff.

type Sajilo and send an SMS to 302,


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