Ncell Reduced ISD Call rate

This is a good news that Ncell has brought new tariff for ISD calls. According to Ncell, Customers can now make calls to India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, USA, Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Canada and Singapore at Rs 6 per minute and Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, UK, Lebanon, Australia, Pakistan, Bhutan, Japan and Sri Lanka at Rs 15 per minute.

Ncell says that this offer is for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers of NCELL.

New update: Ncell has now a days decresed International call rate.Here are some international call rate for prepared user.

International Calls (60 seconds pulse rate) Rate (Rs. per minute)
Canada 1.99
USA 1.99
India 2.99
China 3.99
Hong Kong 3.99
South Korea 3.99
Austria 4.99
Belgium 4.99
Bulgaria 4.99
Croatia 4.99
Cyprus 4.99
Czech Republic 4.99
Denmark 4.99
Estonia 4.99
Finland 4.99
France 4.99
Germany 4.99
Greece 4.99
Hungary 4.99
Ireland 4.99
Italy 4.99
Latvia 4.99
Lithuania 4.99
Luxembourg 4.99
Malta 4.99
Netherlands 4.99
Poland 4.99
Portugal 4.99
Romania 4.99
Slovakia 4.99
Slovenia 4.99
Spain 4.99
Sweden 4.99
UK 4.99
Bahrain 6
Bangladesh 6
Malaysia 6
Singapore 6
Thailand 6
Australia 6.99
New Zealand 6.99
Saudi Arabia 12
Bhutan 15
Japan 15
Kuwait 15
Lebanon 15
Pakistan 15
Qatar 15
Sri Lanka 15
UAE 15


Outgoing SMS Rate (per SMS)
Bahrain, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand, USA Rs. 5
All other international destinations Rs. 10


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