Nepal Telecom (NTC) New Offer, Anniversary Discount.

In The Occasion of Anniversary of NEPAL TELECOM, Nepal Telecom Presents the following offers.

Nepal Telecom 2072 Anniversary

  1. SMS Service

    50% Discount on SMS Sent from NT’s GSM and CDMA Mobile within a Same Network.

  2. Data Service

    50% Discount on 10 paisa per 100KB Data Charge for GSM and CDMA. Customers can use NT Data Service for
    5 paisa per 100 KB

  3. New Pulse

    30 Seconds Pulse for GSM and CDMA changed to 20 Seconds, for all the local calls made within Company’s Network.

NTC regularly provides different kind of offers for its customers. Nepal telecom New year offers, Nepal telecom anniversary offers, Nepal telecom dashain tihar offers are various kinds of offers by Nepal telecom. Nepal telecom annually provides such kind of offers for its customers. Nepal Telecom is cheap, reliable telecom network in Nepal with huge number of customers. You can go through official website of Nepal telecom to get information on latest offer by the company.



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