Nepal Telecom postpaid prepaid Internet data package

Nepal Telecom has announced a new internet data package for Nepal Telecom postpaid as well as prepaid. Earlier, for taking data package in your number,  you need to go to the nearest center of Nepal Telecom. From September 6 you should not go anywhere for data package in Postpaid as well as prepaid. A single SMS can enable you the service.

According to the new charges, cost for 200 MB is 1 hundred 30 rupees only. Similarly, for the 500 MB it cost three hundred rupees only and 500 rupee fee is fixed for 1 GB data. Customers can use this package within a month.


Similarly, 3 GB package price is fixed for 1 thousand 2 hundred 90. The period is two months up for 3 GB package. Biggest package of NTC i.e 5 GB cost Rs 1800 and it has validity for period of three months. VAT tariff of 13 percent and 10 percent in addition to overtake telecommunications.

1. 200 MB 130 1 Month DATA<space>200MB
2. 500 MB 300 1 Month DATA<space>500MB
3. 1 GB 500 1 Month DATA<space>1GB
4. 3 GB 1,290 2 Months DATA<space>3GB
5. 5 GB 1,800 3 Months DATA<space>5GB

This charge has been effective from August 1 be prepaid.

To activate Nepal Telecom internet package on Prepaid and postpaid

Go to message box.
Type DATA<space>MB

To know the remaining volume of data on your phone. You can send sms writing CB and sending it to 1400.


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