Nepali Poems

Nepali Poems have been part of our texts and they have also been our friend at leisure times and when we are in different moods. Nepali poems have been a way to express feelings and also describe various things and events. Sometimes, they describe beauty of a lady while sometime they demonstrate respect towards nation.

People who write poems are called poets but poetry isn’t an easy task as it requires artistic mind. One has to play through lots of words and arrange them in such an order; they make sense and sound beautiful. Nepali poems have hundreds of poets till the day adopting various styles of writing poems. Mahakabi Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Aadikabi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, Yugkabi Siddhicharan Shrestha are some prominent names that shall never be left out when it comes to Nepali poems.

There are various styles, categories of poems the way they are composed. Poems are of different types based on numbers of syllables, rhyme and also based on the number of lines, and the way they are recited. Poems are composed in different Chhanda. Basantatilaka Chhanda, Jharro Chhanda are some of them. You might have read lots of poems of different popular poets till the date. Pagal of Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Pinjadako Suga of Lekhnath Poudel are some popular poems. It is difficult to compose poems however, anybody can try. In our schools too students are asked to compose poem at times. They have been part of talent competitions.

nepali poem by lekhnath paudyal

Poems make people expressive and they also help an individual to get stronger by comprehension. Nepali poems have been highly appreciated in the international literature society too. Every year numbers of awards are given recognizing remarkable and amazing Nepali poems. Writing poems isn’t based on boundaries as there are no specific rules. With time, different ways of expression as well as writing poems are introduced. What one needs to do is, just go with the flow of pen and scribe words that flow through his heart and mind and the product will be a nice poem. Poems are amazing to be written as well as to be read as beautiful words are scribed.


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