No more rack, no more rack reviews

How about shopping online? Board with amazon and ebay and searching something cool? Then No More Rack may be great for you. No more rack is an online shopping mall which gives you up to 90% discount on the retail price. You just need to submit your name and email address to create an account and its done. This is the publicity technique to No more Rack to cheat the people. No more rack is an scam site which has already cheated so many people in the world.

Be aware of their advertising statement. They (No more rack’s team) say that they has find the best deals available form the large range of suppliers. For example if a supplier has overstock in some year then they are going to sell their products in discounted price. So No more rack can give� such a huge range of discount. Which is all false. They cheat people with sweet words of advertisement and we people believe them which will be our great fault.

Saying that they update their deals every day at 12 noon EST. So you have to purchased any goods between 24 hours otherwise it might be sold to any other person who made the first payment. You can only purchase three (3) pieces of each product, because they do not have huge amount of product and the have to behave equally of all of their costumers. They made their costumer hurry to purchase their products.

To cheat you they may introduce many of their other features such as: Shipping, gift card, return etc. Also they give you the 30 day money back guarantee. It means You can return the product within 30 days of purchase. This all is their cheating or scam policy.

So never trust such scam sites being greedy to getting discounts. Always trust the site likes ebay and amazon which deals better. No more rack is an scam site and be aware of it.


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