NTC new call rate for PSTN, GSM, CDMA phones. Festival is over but discounts are yet to come.


Enjoy Nepal Telecom Discounts…on PSTN, CDMA and GSM Services.
Effective for 3 Months from Kartik 29, 2070

1. PSTN /C-PHONE Postpaid Fixed:
Call at Re. 1 per 4 minutes. From Friday 10 P.M to Sunday 8 A:M
(Previous Charge: Re. 1 per 2 Minutes)

2. PSTN /C-PHONE Postpaid Fixed/ VSAT
Calls within a zone or outside a zone will be charged at Re 1 per 90 sec.
(Previous charge: Re. 1 per 60 Sec.)

3. GSM and CDMA Postpaid:
Call at 75 paisa per minute from Saturday 6 A:M to 10 P:M
(Previous Charge: Re. 1 per Minute)

4. GSM and CDMA Prepaid:
Call at Re.1 Per minutes from Saturday 6 A:M to 10 P:M
(Previous Charge: Rs. 1.50 per minute)


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