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Everyone look for easy online jobs. Many Nepalese want to experience online jobs. Go to and search for an online job. You will find many links saying earn more money by doing the home based online job, and many of you might have visited those links. While you visit their links, most of them require your name and email address saying that they will deliver free jobs to your email address and pay $ 500 a day for just doing less than a two-hour job.

But when you leave your name and email on their site, they will frequently send an email to you saying donate $5 to them, made a one-time payment of $35 and had full access to their job database, etc..etc.

But in reality, they are all fake. If they can give you $ 500 for just working 2 hours a day then why don’t they give you the job and charge you $35 from your salary? Why they need the payment first? You will happily give $200 if they give $ 500 for just two hours job.

So remember and keep in mind that they are all fake. If you want to do the job online, then you have to join a freelancing site like,, etc. You won’t get anything until you work for it. Nobody on this earth has a tree of money to give $500 in two hours without working hard.

If you are searching for online jobs in your part time, we will happily involve you if you have good writing skill in English. Mail us on[at] We will select and pay as per your skill. We have lots of websites with us, and we will guide you to write articles too. All we need is your will power. It’s free to join. We will pay you.


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