Nepali Songs Nepali Songs history

 Nepali songs are popular not only in Nepal but also in different parts of world. This has been proved by Kutumba’s journey to Coke Studio Pakistan, Ani Choying’s performance for Oscar Winning Music Director AR Rehman in Coke Studio India, Nepali song being used in Bollywood in Hindi translation. Nepali songs consist of lots of love and compassion. […] Continue reading →

Nepali Poems

 Nepali poems have also been part of our culture. They are also habit of significant numbers of Nepalese when it comes to expression of feelings, sentiments, emotions, respect as well as appreciation. People generally compose poems for personal reference while they also like to recite them to friends or mass. Similarly, some of these Nepali poems also get […] Continue reading →

New Nepali Movies

 From Satya Harischandra to Himmatwali and New Nepali Movies, things have progressed a lot. Nepali Movies have indeed created huge market but it is still not enough as regular movie watchers in Nepal still don’t prefer Nepali movies. There had been ignorance for some years but with new cinema scope, fresh and talent casts, different directorial perspective, mindset […] Continue reading →

New Nepali Movies

 New Nepali Movies are released every week. Hundreds of new Nepali movie are made every year. Movies are great way of entertainment. They are good ways to pass leisure time, spend time with family and friends. Meanwhile, movies are also medium of social awareness. They work as motion pictures with message for social transformation. With […] Continue reading →

Nepali Songs

 Nepali songs are very beautiful and melodious. We have grown up hearing hundreds and thousands of Nepali songs. Over time, Nepali music industry is also evolving and getting commercialized. Songs are not sung just for entertainment but also for money these days. Singing has also become a profession. There have been many famous singers in […] Continue reading →

Nepali Poems

 Nepali Poems have been part of our texts and they have also been our friend at leisure times and when we are in different moods. Nepali poems have been a way to express feelings and also describe various things and events. Sometimes, they describe beauty of a lady while sometime they demonstrate respect towards nation. […] Continue reading →

Nepali Pranks Nepali Pranksters Reviews, Prank rules

 After seeing a Nepali Pranks by Nepali Pranksters, we must feel shame on them. Do they really really know what the prank is? It is doubtful!!!  if they even know what prank is? where it limits? Prank Rules A prank should be funny Do you think [Nepali Prank- Bhailai Kina Kuteko Part 3: link], is funny […] Continue reading →

Everest Bank Nepal – Branches – Banking Hours

 Are you searching Everest Bank Nepal Branches, Banking hours, location and contact information. We provide here everything you need about Everest Bank Nepal. Here is Everest bank Nepal branches, information of authorized persona of Everest bank branches, telephone numbers and email address. Everest Bank Nepal Branches inside Kathmandu Valley Updated: 2015 April Bagbazar Branch Padmakanya Campus […] Continue reading →

Nepali Passport on Arrival Visa

 Nepali passport is treated as a weakest passport in the world having on arrival visa for only 37 countries. Nepal is ranked as a sixth weakest passport of the world after five countries namely Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan and Eritrea. Nepalese need visa for all countries except 37 countries listed over here. countries with on […] Continue reading →

Nepali Khana, Special food by Nepalese

 Nepali culture is rich in food. Nepali khana and Nepali parikar are often described being spicy but are appreciated of their authentic taste and of course their mouth watering delicious taste. Almost all of the Nepali Khana and Top Nepali Parikar are made in household so, you might not need to visit restaurants. However, due […] Continue reading →

How to type in Nepali?

 It is easy to type in Nepali now. You will no longer have to install Nepali fonts in your system and spend time for key combinations. You won’t have to memorize all the key combinations to produce symbols and special letters either. Internet gigs and masters have now brought revolutionary change as with Nepali Unicode, […] Continue reading →

Top School of Nepal Kathmandu Pokhara Morang

 Top school of Nepal listed according to the performance on SLC Result for continuously three years of time period. These are the top school of Nepal which has 100% pass result on slc examination (School Leaving Certificate Examination) since three years. School Leaving Certificate Examination is also called as the career gate for students and […] Continue reading →

Comedy Nights with Kapil Online in Nepal

 Nepalese viewers love Comedy Nights with Kapil. There is amazing response for Comedy Nights with Kapil online in Nepal. Baba Ji Ka Thullu, slang of Kapil has hung of on the tongue of hundreds and thousands of Nepalese. Despite of being Indian comedy show, it has been able to win heart of millions of Nepalese viewers. Guthi, Palak, […] Continue reading →