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 Kathmandu Today Kathmandu Today is NpNepal.com one of the most visited part. Technically we cover anything happens inside Kathmandu Valley and that can create value to our visitors, we cover them on our Kathmandu Today. Kathmandu Today is our category. It covers сialis generique news related to Kathmandu valley. We collect only informative news, information, […] Continue reading →

EDV 2017 Result Result of EDV 2017 Nepal

 EDV 2017 result is knocking the door and it is soon going to be out. It is estimated that EDV 2017 result will be out on May 5, 2016. EDV 2017 is a gateway for USA in 2017 which is easy, cheap and relevant.  Till now around fifty thousand Nepalese have been settled in USA from […] Continue reading →

BBC Nepali Sewa Website Info BBC news nepali

 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been a reliable media service in Nepal. With its Nepali service, it has been relaying 24×7 information services and helping Nepalese around the globe. BBC Nepali Sewa offers various media services. You can browse through all the programs and services being offered via BBC Nepali Sewa Website. BBC Nepali Sewa Website Info: http://www.bbc.co.uk/nepali . […] Continue reading →

Nepali Khana – Nepali Parikar Top Food of Nepal

 Various Nepali khana (Nepali Parikar) are available in Nepal. Nepal is a country consisting wide range of cultures, preferences and ethnicity. This has determined the clothing as well as fooding behavior. With large number or caste and ethnicities, there are numbers of Nepali Khana too. However, should an overall list be made on Nepali Parikar and Top Food […] Continue reading →

How to type in Nepali?

 Typing in Nepali is easy. You can easily type in Nepali with these best ideas ever known. Want your presence over the internet in Nepali? You might be wondering how to type in Nepali. It is pretty difficult to scribe Nepali letters but Internet gigs have brought some easy solution. You can use awesome tool named Nepali […] Continue reading →

HSEB Result 2074 Science Management

 Get ready to see HSEB Result 2074. 2074 HSEB Result Science Management Humanities Arts. Your HSEB result is here. HSEB Result 2074 is ready and is going to be out within few steps. HSEB Result 2074 is the result of higher secondary education board result of 2074. Students taking exam of HSEB in 2074 result […] Continue reading →

Nepali Unicode – Unicode Nepali Word Converter

 Nepali Unicode Nepali unicode most used software from Nepali language users. Unicode converts English alphabets to Nepali alphabets. Unicode has given enough space for Nepali language users who use Nepali keyboard. Here in Nepali Unicode, you can directly write desired word in Roman English Style and then Unicode a converter tool converts these words into […] Continue reading →

Indian Embassy Scholarships for Nepal

 Indian Embassy is providing numerous scholarship schemes for Nepali students. Around 3000 students per year are benefited from scholarships provided by Indian Embassy Kathmandu. Indian Embassy Kathmandu generally provides scholarships for Ph.D, Masters, Bachelors and Plus-two levels in various fields like engineering, medicine, agriculture, pharmacology, veterinary sciences, computer application, business administration, music and fine etc. Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship […] Continue reading →

Population of Nepal 2068 census 2074 population

 Population of Nepal in 2068 census was two crores and sixty six lakhs. Population of Nepal in 2013 is 27,797,457, 2012 is 27,474,377, 2011 is 27,156,367 and 2010 is 26,846,016. Census is done in Nepal in every ten years duration. During the census, all the factors of population in different categories like age, religion, gender, employment are determined. The population increment […] Continue reading →

Places to visit in Nepal

 Nepal is a full of beauty. Nepal has been listed as a best destination in TripAdvisor and LonelyPlanet. Nepal is even regarded as the safe destination to travel. Nepal is listed on top ten cheapest country of the world which even has added plus point for travelling in Nepal. 1 Lukla to Everest Everest is the highest […] Continue reading →

Funny Poems written on Nepali Truck

 When travelling a long journey through highways, I feel amazing seeing the poems written on trucks. I notice for each and every trucks in my way for seeing a poem written on backside of it. Not only of trucks, public buses are also fond of writing these kinds of good and emotional poems. 1 Nice […] Continue reading →

NCELL Nepal Private Telecommunication Company of Nepal

 NCELL is the one of the private telecommunication companies of Nepal beside UTL. NCELL was previously known as Mero Mobile. Later on, after certain percentage of its share was bought by multinational international company TeliaSonera, it was named as NCELL. NCELL Nepal Services for costumers NCELL Nepal has brought Prepaid and Pro plan for costumers. […] Continue reading →

Photos Showing Deep Nationality to Nepal

 We love our country, we respect our motherland where we born and where we lived. We are going to share some photos showing deep nationality feelings towards motherland “Nepal”. Nepal is a beautiful kingdom where several multicultural, multilingual people live happily, co-operating with each other. 1 Nepal Ama (Nepal mother) We usually say Nepal is […] Continue reading →

Nepal Telecom NTC oldest Telecommunication in Nepal

 Nepal Telecom is the oldest telecommunication in Nepal. Nepal Telecom has launched GSM Prepaid, GSM postpaid, Landline (PSTN), Sky, CDMA for the effective communication system in Nepal. Nepal Telecom has a coverage on all 75 districts of Nepal. Six Plus points of Nepal Telecom Nepal Telecom airtime cost is considered to be cheapest than other […] Continue reading →