DHURBE out of control after 16 lakhs invest!

 April 9th,2013- After investing  16 lakhs ,Chitwan National Park is not yet able to take in control  and find the details of DHURBE Elephant(male). No one knows it’s alive or not. DHURBE took life of 15 people and to control the activities of this elephant, Radio device was attached with its body. But the positioning […] Continue reading →

BUDGET for 2074 Nepal Budget 2074

 Government of Nepal is ready to bring up the BUDGET for the fiscal year 074/075 (2017-18). After the  approval from meeting of cabinet  and president ,the Budget is ready to be published. The budget is near to 4 kharb, which will also separate enough expense  for the election. The Budget will not include any political […] Continue reading →

Boating in Fewa Lake, Pokhara

 Boating in Fewa Lake Report. It has been just 24 hours, a serious boat accident on Begnas Lake. With the incident, District Administration Office, Pokhara has made compulsion on wearing life jacket during boating on Fewa Lake and Begnas Lake. Not only that, District Administration Office, Pokhara fixed a number of passengers on a boat. […] Continue reading →

Nepali New Year 2075 wallpapers greetings

 Collection of New year 2075 wallpapers and greetings. We have collected the best designs and best wallpapers for 2075 new year from different areas. Wish you have a happiest new year 2075. God Bless you and wish your days be more smarter and more fun. Wishing only you does not make us happy. We wish […] Continue reading →

Keep yourself safe in facebook! Are you following these tips?

 Facebook is growing social network ,everyone in internet are now known to Facebook. But are you safe using Facebook? simply follow these tips to make yourself safe in facebook. Set the Privacy settings on your profile to “Friends.” By doing this, you will be able to have control who has access to your information and pictures. […] Continue reading →

Facebook comes with new FACEBOOK HOME

 Facebook is now trying to  approach to android users for more populartity and increase the advertisement revenue. This April(April 4,2013), Facebook announced HOME to some best selling Android devices. HTC-First is the first device which comes with the preinstalled Facebook Home. Some Samsung devices can get this feature as a download version. Facebook Home has […] Continue reading →

Facebook Smileys, List of all Facebook Smileys

 Internet is the king of communication. There are various ways to communicate with our friends, relatives and beloved online. But five years ago, nobody have even imagined that Facebook smileys would play such a large part in our online communication world. As we enter in a new decade, our online communication system has changed in less than five years, Facebook has changed its identification […] Continue reading →


 KUHS[ Kathmandu University High School (The Model School of Kathmandu University) ,Director: Ian D. Raitt ] invites application for admission at the Cambridge A Level Course for the new academic session 2013. The two year course of the Cambridge University International Examinations is a Challenging preparation for university worldwide in various fields such as Engineering, Medicine, […] Continue reading →

Admission open in GCE A Level: Little Angle’s college

   Completed SLC? You can now join A-Level to get the international level education which is the course designed by CAMBRIDGE University. Many colleges in Nepal are providing A-Level education. Little Angle’s college announces admission open in GCE A Level the academic year 2013. Little Angle’s college provides most prestigious qualification with international recognition with […] Continue reading →

Admission open in A-Level:GEMS Institute of Higher Education

 After SLC, it’s very difficult to decide about further study. 10+2 is not only the option. You can now join A-Level to get the international level education which is the course designed by University of CAMBRIDGE. Many colleges in Nepal are providing A-Level education. GEMS Institute of Higher Education announces admission open in  A Level […] Continue reading →

Bajaj DISCOVER 100T bike in Nepal

 Bajaj has introduced a 100 cc motorbike ,DISCOVER 100T in Nepal’s mobile market. According to the Bajaj, with Bajaj’s 4 valve DTSI technology this bike gives 10.2 Ps power and his makes this bike 30% more efficient in power than other 100cc bikes. Company says that this bike runs 87 km with 1 liter petrol. […] Continue reading →

shortcuts to facebook chat ecomotions

 chatting in facebook can be more intresting with the use of Ecomotions! lets try these ecomotions .. Emoticon Shortcut code Notes (^^^) Shark with sharp teeth out. <(“) Penguin looking to the left. :nospace|] Robot face. :no space) A happy smiley face. :no space( A sad and frowning smiley… :no spaceP Sticking tongue out. :no […] Continue reading →