CTEVT Result (New/Latest/Recent CTEVT Result)

   CTEVT Result     List of Results Result of Diploma Engg Ag DF DPh Back Held in 2069 Jestha Ashadh Result of PCL Health All BACK held in 2069 Jestha Ashadh Result of Classified Scholarship 69 for Vacant Seats 2069/6/24-Result of Bishesh Scholarship for Dalit and underprivileged Muslims 2069/6/24-Cut Off List of Entrance Exam […] Continue reading →

Ncell Nano SIM for Iphone 6 is available Now

 Yes, Ncell nano sim is now available for Iphone 6 users in Nepal. NCELL provides nano sim card which automatically fits on Iphone 6. Nano sim is too much smaller in size. You can Get it from the nearest Ncell Centre and is available for all tariff plans (Prepaid, Pro/ Postpaid). We have already given […] Continue reading →

What is thanksgiving? Thanksgiving 2012 Offers

 Thanksgiving 2012 offers GoDaddy: Holiday Special Offer – 86% off in .COM Domains, Now only $1.99. Expires 11/27/12. GoDaddy Promo Code: LKSRTL199X   Grab .com domains at $0.99 on 1and1.com – hurry up ! Hostgator is bringing a good offer. probably 99% Discount code : 99HOSTGATOR Namecheap .com domain for $0.99 50% off on all Hosting […] Continue reading →

Purbanchal University B. Pharmacy Details

 B. Pharmacy , Purbanchal University  Curriculum for B Pharmacy: First Year First Semester S.No Code No. Subjects Credit 1 CHEM 111 BP Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I (Inorganic) 3 2 COG 111 BP Pharmacognosy-I 4 3 CHEM 112 BP Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Physical) 4 4 MATH 111 BP Remedial  Mathematics 3 5 COM 111 BP Basic Electronics & Computer […] Continue reading →

NASA 23 Dec to 25 Dec 2012 predicts total Blackout

 NASA has predicted total blackout on 23 December to 25 december. Official NASA update: Total blackout of planet for 3 days from Dec 23 2012. NASA says it is not the end of the world, it is an alignment of the Universe, where the Sun and the earth will align for the first time. The earth […] Continue reading →

Profit clicking, Profitclicking Scam ?

 Profit clicking, an outcome of old genuine program known Justbeenpaid. You must know whats going on on profitclicking these days. Lets say we are sharing some disadvantages of Profitclicking to make you aware of it and think a lot before joining the program. Profitclicking Disadvantages Payment is not paid on time. It is taking more […] Continue reading →

Buy Paypal Dollar in Nepal, Paypal, Paypal in Nepal

 Paypal dollar is available. You need to pay us on our Bank account in Nepalese Rupees. Instantly we will send you paypal dollar in your paypal account. Charges on Buying Paypal Dollar: Urgent case: Latest AUD rate by nrb.org.np + Our fee (Nrs 5 per Dollor) Normal case: Latest AUD rate by nrb.org.np + Our Fee […] Continue reading →

Mig33 for iphone, Chat Mig33 on Iphone

 Mig33 can be used in Iphone for free. You can chat on mig33 in Iphone too. Many websites claim that it is impossible to chat in mig33. They are somehow correct, Official application of mig33 for iphone has not been lunched yet. But you can access mig33 in your iphone for free anytime, anywhere. You […] Continue reading →

Lok sewa ayog, lok sewa nepal Exam Model Questions

 Preparation for Lok Sewa Ayog. Lok Sewa Ayog Full question set available. General knowledge questions for lok sewa aayog. All questions with answers are listed over here which will help Lok sewa ayog exam. Lok Sewa Ayog is the only way to enter the governmental civil servant jobs in Nepal. Lok Sewa ayog runs its […] Continue reading →

Nepali Jokes, Jokes in Nepali

   Yes, Lets laugh with Nepali Jokes. thousands of Jokes in Nepali. 100% funny jokes. Come ‘on lets laugh with jokes. Exams देऊ रिजल्टको चिन्ता नगर हरेक केटीलाई प्रपोज गर रेस्पोन्सको चिन्ता नगर केटी जिस्काऊ स्यान्डलको चिन्ता नगर किनकि . . गीतामा लेखिएको छ ….. कर्म गर … फलको चिन्ता नगर । एउटा बिहेको पाटीमा […] Continue reading →

NTC WIMAX High Speed Internet in Nepal

 NTC Launching Nepal’s first High Speed Internet Service “WIMAX”. Officially Launching this Service from 27th Kartik. Firstly We are launching inside Kathmandu Valley for Business Corporation, Hospitals, Academic Institutions, Banks, Embassy, Tourism Sector, Governmental Sector and NGO/INGO. Its Available in More Cheaper Rates as published before…   More Details: http://bit.ly/Uy5LPv Continue reading →

Barack Obama Won President of USA

 Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. Details about Barack Obama Born: August 4, 1961 (age 51), Honolulu Full name: Barack Hussein Obama II Movies: By the People: The Election of Barack Obama Parents: Ann Dunham, Barack Obama Sr. Siblings: Maya Soetoro-Ng, George Obama,Mark Ndesandjo, David Ndesandjo […] Continue reading →