Postal Codes in Nepal, List of Postal Codes

Postal Code of Nepal
Many of us do not know postal code of nepal. Many of us use 00977 as postal code, but actually it is a dialing code. Postal code differs with location. Yup, Here are the all postal codes of all cities of Nepal.
More over, while filling  google adsense form or different forms you need postal code, where you have to fill these postal codes.

View Postal & ZIP Code Of NEPAL

New update: Postal code system is used in most significant developments in commerce in modern society that started in the 20th century.It been scientifically proven that merchandize from businesses will travel more efficiently, and therefore more quickly, when the business uses an implemented code in the postal address system. Postal code provide the most effective means of locating an address, when looking at a very large region say a city, local government area or state.Postal codes are essential for credit card systems. It provides a level of security in the system.


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