SKY PRO settings for EVDO USB dongle and Smartphone : NTC

Nepal telecom’s SKY PRO  settings for the EVDO USB dongle and on the smart phone.

Settings for EVDO USB dongle:

  • first insert the USB device and the device will load the software automatically.
  • In the application menu,go to the settings and in the profile the username , password and the access number sholuld be entered.
  • Username= 97******** (mobile number)
  • Password= 97******** (mobile number)
  • Access number= #777
  • save and start dailing and browse the internet.

nepal telcom

New update:

Settings for Mobile:

In the mobile , APN must be configered. The configuration should be as follows:

  • Name= ntcdma
  • APN= #777
  • Proxy=blank
  • port=blank
  • Username= 97******** (mobile number)
  • Password= 97******** (mobile number)
  • Server = blank
  • MCC= 429
  • MNC= 03
  • Authentication type= CHAP
  • APN type= blank
  • APN protocol= IPV4
  • Bearear= blank



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