SLC Result 2072 2073, How to check SLC result 2073?

SLC Result 2072 2073 online and SLC Result 2073 online is ready for students. Check SLC result 2073 online with marks and grades. From 2073, students are getting SLC result in grading. School leaving Certificate SLC exam result is published by an office of Examination controller, Sanothimi. SLC examination was held on 2072 (2016) and the result is published on 2016 (2073) and so it is also called SLC result 2073.
Likewise, yearly we are publishing SLC result since 4 years. It is important to all of you to know the ways of checking SLC result. Mostly, we all must know the easiest ways for checking SLC 2072 2073 result, SLC result 2016. Within few moment, SLC result of 2073 is being published, so it is better if you know these best ways to get SLC results without consuming time.

How to Check SLC result of 2072 2073 Easily?

The following are the effective ways of seeing SLC result over the internet for free and with full of right information.

slc result 2073

The official website for publishing SLC result is – NTC SLC Result


Likewise, the cheapest SMS service by Nepal telecom. It just costs 1 Re for knowing a single result.


Go to Message and type

slc<space><symbolNumber> and send the sms to 1400


example, you  need to type slc 4444444M in your message box and just send it to 1400 for knowing result of  symbol number 4444444M.

slc result 2072 2073

SLC Result 2072 2073 Nepal Telecom IVR System

You need to dial 1600 from landline (PSTN) phone. Even you can dial from GSM NTC mobile

(Note: Nepal Telecom SMS Service is cheaper than this Sparrow SMS anyway we are sharing with you.)

Sparrow SMS result of SLC
Go to Message box and type

slc<space><symbolNumber> and send the sms to 5001

example, you  need to type SLC 4444444M in your message box and just send it to 5001 for knowing a result of  symbol number 4444444M.

SLC Result 2073

SLC Result 2073 can be easily obtained by the method above mentioned. If you need more ideas to get into SLC result 2073, you can visit the related links mentioned below. These articles consist of different logic to check SLC result using various methods. If you have any problem on result check, we request our visitors to go through related articles mentioned in


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