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Nepal’s First and Fastest WiMAX internet service has been launched by NTC.

Tariff Plan of WiMax By NTC

Note*: Its Currently available in Volume Based Format and NTC says WiMax is Cheaper then Cheapest Faster then Fastest.

New update:

WiMAX Data Plan

Registration Fee: Rs 200 (one time)

WIMAX Device

Available Device Type: Indoor and Outdoor

USB Dongle : Rs. 2,310/-
(scheme provided since May15th 2014 on the occasion of World telecommunication and information society day)

USB Modem : Rs. 6,000/-

Indoor CPE : Rs. 12,216/

Outdoor CPE : Rs. 19,110/-

(Note: above mentioned cpe rates are VAT included)

Volume Base Plan

Data RateMonthly Volume (GB)Monthly Tariff (Rs.)3-M Volume with 40% bonus (GB)3-M Package Cost (Rs.)12-M Volume with 40% bonus (GB)12-M Package Cost (15% Discount)
256 kbps5650.00211950.00846630.00
512 kbps8850.00342550.001348670.00
1 Mbps or Above121340.00504020.0020213668.00

Above wimax tariff are exclusive of applicable taxes


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