10 thousand facebook id hacked

The newly introduced and most powerful hackers group of Nepal, “Team Swastic” claims that they hacked ten thousand facebook accounts. They further claim that they get success on stealing the secret data from the website of Indian and Bhutanese embassy in Kathmandu. They warned that they will nearly going to hack the authorized websites of government of Nepal.

The online professionals from all around the world are suggesting people to make their facebook password strong after hearing the claim of team swastic. The hackers publish the hacked id and password in social sharing site “pastwin” and kept there for few days and they recently delete it.

Facebook also release their authorized letter saying that those id that is hacked by “Team Swastic” are not in used. i.e. Disabled. But many critics cirticise the saying of facebook saying the new hackers group wouldn’t be happy for loosing the trust by giving the fake message.

By the name they used the logo of Swastic and they belive in four L. i.e. Luck, Love, Light and Life.

New update:

After a day of investigation it seems that “Team SwaStika” may be attempting to take credit for compromising account details that they really had nothing to do with.

The two lists of hacked accounts (Part 1 and Part 2) have both been circulated online before the Pastebin posts were made by Team SwaStika. The list entitled Part 1 appears to have been doing the rounds on various underground forums for the better part of a year. The second list entitled Part 2 by Team SwaStika is much more recent. The first evidence I can find of the accounts listed in Part 2 is only 19 days old.

A list with content exactly matching this second Pastebin post by Team SwaStika was uploaded to a compromised website by the better known group of hackers Group Hp-Hack. Group Hp-Hack is a Saudi Arabian hacker group that has previously gained notoriety in August of this year for defacing the websites of Joomla Canada and ethicalhackingcourses.com (which remains defaced to this day).

The html list of alleged Facebook logins uploaded to a compromised web server was created in Microsoft Word and has a creation date of 1st October 2011 but was posted with the claim (in Arabic) that the list only represents 10% of the 7 million accounts that were breached by Group Hp-Hack.



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