5 Old gadgets of Nepal we still Remember

Technology has a big step changes within short time frame introducing lots of new gadgets. There are few old gadgets which you still remember and you might have kept it safely for future remembrance.

1 Old Camera

old camera

How many of you remember this old camera? You may still find it on your cupboard or old suitcase. It used to work with a roll of film which used to cost 120 rupees with thirty two negatives.

2 Old Television

old television in nepal

I still have this type of television in my home for a memory. It has been around 12 years, i have kept this television in my store room for a long term memory. It was a black and white television having a Nepal Television as a channel. I hope you still remember your first TV at your home.

3 Old Radio

old radio

image source: stereo2go.com

We can still see this type of radio on villages of Nepal. We used to have this type of radio at home during our childhood. I still remember, I used to record my voice in a tape and listen it again and again. Although these type of radios have been ancient one, we can still find somewhere hanging on a nail wearing a radio with a cotton cloth.

 4 Brick Game

brick game

You might have played brick game on your childhood. Nowadays, we can not find this on market. It used to run with two batteries. You might still remember seeing a photo.

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