7 Reasons Why Nepal is not Developed

Nepal is lagging behind since many years and still is in transition phase. We have listed out 7 main reasons for the main problem in Nepal which hinders the development and progress of the country.

Why Nepal is not Developed?

1)WE BLAME POLITICIANS ONLY,NOT OUR SELF : आफुले नै चुनेर पठाको मानिसलाई गाली गर्नु हुन्छ भने किन vote हाल्नु भाको ?…भोलि चुनाब हुदा फेरी तेही चिन्नमा vote किन हाल्नु हुन्छ ?

2)EDUCATION SYSTEM :The present education system doesn’t encourage student to be creative. No CREATIVITY makes mentally unhealthy. So,our education system is creating citizens who are mentally unhealthy.We are creating PATIENTS who need help.

municipality of nepal

3)PEOPLE DON’T ENCOURAGE GOOD THING :Good things need to be encouraged and bad things to be penalized. We don’t have a habit to say ‘WOW’ to good things.Lets have a habit of encouraging and sharing good things.

4)SHORT TERM VISION OVERSHADOWS LONG TERM VISION :People are in hurry to get results of the work they do too quick.They want easy money,easy reputation.On the long run this has crippled nation.Anyhow पैसा कमाऊ vision seems to be deep-rooted in people’s mind.

5)LAZY/भै हाल्छ नि ATTITUDE :Comparatively,people from Nepal are a bit lazy.In Europe people work up to 18 hours/day.We don’t work that hard.Most of don’t care what is actually happening in country’s politics saying भै हाल्छ नि.This country is a accumulation of several भै हाल्छ नि attitude people.

6)WE HAVEN’T COME ABOVE OUR SELF :We care about our problem,and at most care about our relatives problem.But we don’t care about the problem that is common problem to all.

7) Dependency on parents and spoon feeding to children.

New update:

am trying to analyze, why Nepal is poor country. According to world standard economic data, Nepal is one of the poorest countries of world. Here, I come up something.

Nepal is poor country because:
1. More than 60% Nepali doesn’t have higher education degree.
2. Nepal has about 60% Mountain and it is difficult to access one part to another
3. Nepal doesn’t have any sea border
4. Nepal is between highly populated China and India
5. Nepal doesn’t have any resources except Hydropower and Tourism
6. Nepali are very emotional, they don’t know, how to sell or trade.
7. Nepali doesn’t have patriotism feeling
8. Majority of Nepali can’t – read English, write English, and speak English
9. Majority of Nepali have begging (“Bhikhari”) mindset
10. Majority of Nepali lineup to go another country
11. Politician say one thing and do exactly opposite another thing
12. Corruption is kind of social prestige

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