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Nepal is beautiful landlocked country. With land form ranging flat land Terai to high Himalayas, Nepal has various geographical features. You can know a lot about Nepal both online as well as in various types of media. Nepal is often considered third world nation due to the slow pace of development and various other development indexes. Nepal has total area of 147,181 sq km. Nepal has population above 23 millions. Nepal also has huge cultural diversity with people following different beliefs and values.

Yearning to know more about Nepal? Nepali is the national language of Nepal and Kathmandu is the capital city. Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Pokhara, Dharan are some major cities. Nepal is rich in natural resources and also ranks second in terms of water resources. Nepal has high potential for hydroelectricity but Nepal still struggles in electricity production and Nepalese are struggling with load shedding. Being a poor nation in regards to other developed nations, Nepal has been struggling for its identity time and often so, a lot of efforts have been made to introduce the whole world about Nepal.

about nepal

You can find tons of information about Nepal over the internet. Thousands of websites are available that will give you outlook on what Nepal is and what are the various significant things about Nepal. Nepal has different castes too like Brahmins, Chhetris, Newars, Tharus, Maithilis and they are primarily based on various parts of the nation. Nepal is actually divided into 4 groups in regards to the identity. Brahmin, Chhetri, Vaishnav and Sudras. Those 4 groups showed different professions of people. In earlier years, there were hierarchy and powers and privileges were handed over accordingly. But with time, people have become liberal and there has also been feeling of equity despite of Nepal being very much dependent over cultural values.

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Nepal is rich in foods as well as cultures. There are more significant features to know about Nepal. Nepal has been a sovereign nation till the date. Before a decade, Nepal was a kingdom. Huge percentage of income of Nepal is via remittance. Nepal is also dependent over its fertile land. Agriculture is the primary profession of Nepalese. In an overall view, Nepal is paradise for every man on this Earth with numbers of heritages also being listed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

About Nepal Unknown true Facts about Nepal

Nepal is beautiful country best described for its natural beauty and historical significance. With lots of heritages also listed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List, thousands of tourists both domestic as well as international visit Nepal. Nepal covers less than a percentage of the land in Asia but still stands tall and sovereign. The symbol of peace, Gautam Buddha was born here. Similarly, Nepal is also proud in being nation of tallest mountain Mount Everest. It is also land of mountains with majority of the highest peaks being here. Everything we mention about Nepal just appears not enough.

Nepal is diverse nation with different land forms, ethnicity, cultures but still there is sense of unity in diversity. Nepal stands proud of not being invaded by any foreign force till the day. It is also the land of gods and goddesses. Kathmandu is also believed to be the city where there are more temples than homes. Nepalese follow and celebrate large number of festivals throughout the year and each of them has its own significance. Various castes and cultures also have their own important days but the entire nation respect and get involved during their celebrations. There are lots of specialties about Nepal.

The most beautiful country in the world.

about nepal

Nepal is paradise of everyone wishing to live peaceful life. There are feuds at times but still it stands as nation considered safe and sound for living. Living cost is very affordable here and with lots of natural resources available, Nepal is rich with food too. Nepalese have no limits with foods and we prefer consuming every type of food. These are just some basic information about Nepal. If you are looking to know more about Nepal, there is lots of information available over the internet too. Similarly, you shall also be able to find about Nepal in brochures, books as well as logs.

With Nepali being the national language, people here speak lots of other languages too. Kathmandu, Birgunj, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dharan are some of the major cities. Nepal is respected and loved by every nation around the globe. Nepal is also best known for being the land of brave Gurkha’s.

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