How to activate Gprs in NTC Data in NTC

Nepal Telecom has easy feature to activate GPRS data in sim card. If your mobile phone supports data/internet, you can enable GPRS to access internet on your mobile phone. Nepal Telecom has come up front with cheapest data plans/packs for Facebook. You can even access to 3G with Nepal Telecom internet activated sim card.

Previously, users must go to telecom office for activating GPRS in NTC prepaid/postpaid sim card. After gradual increasing technology, Nepal Telecom activated GPRS from phone call to numbers 021537411 or 021537999 0r 057522777. These days Nepal Telecom made more easy to activate GPRS in simcard.

How to activate Gprs in NTC?

activate gprs in ntc

Type VGPRS on your message box and send it to 1400 to activate GPRS in NTC by SMS. If you are free, you can go to telecom office as well or you can call those above mentioned numbers and ask them to activate GPRS on your sim card. Your sim will be GPRS active/ GPRS service enabled only after 24 to 48 hours of sending message. So, you must have patience until your sim card is GPRS activated. Restart your phone after 24 hours. Then its done. Your sim card will be activated with GPRS and you can now use internet on your mobile phone.

Nepal Telecom 3G internet

If your mobile phone supports 3G, you can go to the nearest telcom office and ask for 3G sim. Nepal telecom 3G offers high speed internet service on very cheap rate.

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