Admission Open In B.Sc.Ag. ,B.V.Sc, A.H and B.Sc. Forestry :2074/75

For the year 2074/75 ,Agriculture and Forestry University ,Rampur (AFU)

agriculture and forestry university

–Admission open in B.Sc.Ag. ,B.V.Sc. &A.H and B.Sc. Forestry

Eligibility:   students who passed 10+2 science (Bio or maths, forestry,agriculture)) or I.Sc.  with at least 50% can apply.

Form Deadline: for latest info visit official website of AFU

Entrance: for latest info visit official website of AFU  (Rampur campus)

Form Submission  at:  central office-Bharatpur or  Minbhawan

Scholorships: Agriculture= 50, vetenary =25, forestry=40 :all Quota are available

For more information:

Form download and more information on scholarships:

Afu forestry result 2074 edudanjal +

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