Auto Withdraw Profitclicking Bucket (FREE)

Bucket has been totally difficult medium to withdraw fund in profitclicking. Though Bucket system is fast, we can not know exact time frame when they will be open.Here is a cool, fresh and free idea to let you withdraw profitclicking fund automatically in any payment processor like payza, lr, stp, egopay

1. Download firefox add ons mozilla -> here and install.
2. Login to your account ProfitClicking, and then go into My Wallet

3. Press F8 For opening iMacros add ons

4. Clicks tab and click the middle Rec Record For us click start recording activity.

5. Perform WD Withdraw as usual ie click on the Payment Processor that we want, then fill in the amount of funds that will be in WD. After that click on Withdraw Funds
6. If a limit click Different Processor.
auto withdraw
7. After the display returns to the My Wallet , click Stop on the Rec tab on the left.

8. Recording click activity we’ve saved. Then click the Play tab on the left.

9. Fill Max: that as much as you want. Suppose 1000

10. Then click the Play (Loop)


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