Mastercard withdrawl charges in Nepal

All Bank list with charges that bank take during withdraw from Mastercard in Nepal. These banks include the best alternatives for withdraw Payoneer mastercard fund in Nepal. You can choose these Bank ATM so that your withdraw works at minimal charges.

Almost every bank in Nepal accepts mastercard but the fact is that, all banks do not have similar charges. Some bank has less and some has more withdraw charges.

You can tally these proofs before withdrawing payoneer fund or mastercard fund in Nepal.

Payoneer Mastercard withdraw in Nepal through Nabil Bank

I withdrew 27,000 Nepali rupees. Bank took transaction charge 400 NPR and following is the charges by Payoneer.

So, Exchange rate on the day was 96.47 for 1 USD. Charges on withdraw was a bit higher around $16.74. So, I prefer Nepal SBI bank than Nabil.

Charges by  Nepal SBI Bank

nepal sbi charge


SBI Bank has total charges of $158.71 while withdrawing Rs 15000
Standard Chartered Bank has total charges of $25.18 while withdrawing Rs 2000
Everest Bank has total charges of $183.78 while withdrawing Rs 16,000
Nepal Investment Bank Limited has total charges of $116.30 while withdrawing Rs 10000
KIST Bank has total charges of $119.94 while withdrawing Rs 11,000

Compare and use your Mastercard on different Bank ATM in Nepal.

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