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BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is serving Nepalese too in the sector of news and information for years. It is recognized as BBC Nepali Sewa. BBC Nepali Sewa website info can be browsed through the link In the website, you can have brief outlook of the services of BBC

Nepali Sewa and you will also get to listen to some programs aired in BBC radio. BBC Nepali Sewa is 24×7 service and is dedicated to serve Nepalese both online and offline. It keeps people aware via various educational and informative programs aired in BBC Radio too. Programs like Nepal Sandarva, Naya Nepal, Bikalpako Bato, Sajha Sawal are very popular as they raise issues of public interest and keeps people connected to contemporary Nepal. The website has regular updates on happenings around the world too. News articles are published regularly. The website features latest programs as well as Nepal Sandarva Podcast. It has a column where off-topic articles are featured and some common but yet useful things are brought into writings. They provide tips, guidance to everybody.

bbc nepal

BBC Nepal

The website has updates on wide range of categories. There are regular updates on political issues, business, arts, science and technology, entertainment, sports as well as other issues and happenings. The website also gives you weather reports so, you can help out yourself. There are various important social links that you might prefer following to stay connected to information provided by the site. There are various other useful links that helps to browse and make use of the site to fullest. You can also subscribe to the RSS Feed. The site also features images gallery and videos too. So, the website has lots of information you can grab and stay aware and updated.

BBC Nepali Sewa has proved itself as a reliable source of information. Meanwhile, it also has section for series that raise social awareness and grabs attention of public towards some serious but get ignored issues. In conclusion, BBC Nepali sewa is great.


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