Boating in Fewa Lake, Pokhara

Boating in Fewa Lake Report. It has been just 24 hours, a serious boat accident on Begnas Lake. With the incident, District Administration Office, Pokhara has made compulsion on wearing life jacket during boating on Fewa Lake and Begnas Lake. Not only that, District Administration Office, Pokhara fixed a number of passengers on a boat.

These recent photos of Boating in Fewa Lake taken today shows that the rules made by DAO, pokhara has been pissed off within few hours. Making rules only is not a solution. DAO must have attention towards the implementation of rules and regulations.

Just few days before, 2 children and other five were dead on Begnas lake. Making use of Life Jacket during boating is must.

boating in fewa lake

New update:

Boating in Nepal: rivers of Nepal that are splendid, charismatic and holy are not only presented as beautiful but also as sacred. Nepal has about two hundred lakes that are glacial or tectonic origin. Among many adventurous that can be done in water boating is one of them. Pokhara placed as a lush valley has been bestowed with many lakes with the background of Annapurna range is one of the popular boating destination in Nepal. A whole day can be spent rowing or being rowed by the local boatmen in the lakes of Pokhara. No words can define the way anyone feels while boating and touching water waves. Nepal being such a romantic place is an ideal destination for all the lovebirds who want to express their love in this recreational boating.

The best time for boating in rivers of Nepal is during winter from October to February, when the skies are clear and the mountains offer their shadows on the lakes crystal clear water. But at the other times of the year boating is practiced. Boating is the great way to relax and toast oneself naturally after the trek.

The finest places for boat ride in Nepal are:

Phewa Lake: situated in Pokhara at an altitude of 784m from the sea level occupying area 4.43km^2 is the second largest lake of Nepal. It is one of the main centres of tourist activity in Pokhara. At Phewa you have a choice between pedal driven boats, row boats and sailboats. Distant Annapurna loom and the reflection of Mt Machhapuchhare are some of breathtaking view you can witness from Phewa Lake.

Begnas and Rupa Lake: situated at 15km from the Pokhara city at the end of the road that turns in Kathmandu highway has another exotic boating destination in Nepal. Boating in such a crystal clear blue lake surrounded by green forested hill along with flowers with amazing aura are the main highlights of these lakes. So, if you have time never forget to explore these lakes.


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