Buy Paypal Dollar in Nepal, Paypal, Paypal in Nepal

Paypal dollar is available. You need to pay us on our Bank account in Nepalese Rupees. Instantly we will send you paypal dollar in your paypal account.

paypal in nepal

Charges on Buying Paypal Dollar:

Urgent case: Latest AUD rate by + Our fee (Nrs 5 per Dollor)

Normal case: Latest AUD rate by + Our Fee (Nrs 2 per Dollor)

We accept payment through following

Bank accounts (No Extra Remit Charge):

Kist Bank

Manakamana Development Bank

Global IME Bank

Nepal SBI Bank


IME (Remit fee by your self)

Western Union (Remit fee by your self)


contact us by mailing at:[at]

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