Buy Sell Paypal Dollar in Nepal

Paypal dollar buy sell service in Nepal has been started. Seeing a problem facing by Nepali Bloggers with PayPal, we thought its our duty to serve them with PayPal features. Its all we are doing being one of the famous websites of Nepal named ‘’.

Paypal in Nepal

Paypal is too difficult in Nepal due to the policy of Nepal Rastra Bank. Many online workers are facing a big problem. We help on withdrawing your PayPal fund. In some cases, if you are in urgent need, we can help you providing PayPal funds too. We help you on exchange of PayPal dollar.

Buy Sell Paypal Dollar in Nepal

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New update:

If you are surfing or searching net how to open PayPal account in Nepal!-?
Don’t waste time ! Because in Nepal, PayPal is useless if you don’t know the right way, So you have to see the alternative to verify the PayPal account and  terms and policies of Nepal Government.
About years ago, We have no option to buy or shop online and pay the amount in the internet marketplaces but now-a-days, we let you know that we, Nepalese people, also can shop online as American all over the world using internet and technologies having a BANK account in US for nonU.S. Citizens or non U.S. Residents. No Matter Where you are in the world

PayPal is a world’s No. 1 and free online Payment gateway all over the world but unfortunately,‘RECEIVING PAYMENT IS NOT ALLOWED FOR NEPAL’S ACCOUNT ‘ Nepalese people are unable to use PayPal but the  WTAWTAW (Where There’s a Will There’s a Way) solutions. This will be highly useful in the e-commerce sector where there is no easy to way pay/buy online.

Online Payment Gateway in Nepal

NOW PayPal money can withdraw in Nepal, and Received as well as send or Pay online!
Mission to make PayPal services in Nepal as possible as for the payment gateway in Nepal.
Manage payments for your business or Buy the products/services online with ease and security. Receive or Pay online money instantly!

 Our offer for payment Solution in Nepal:
  1. To create new verified PayPal Account for Nepalese.
  2. To withdraw PayPal Balance in Nepal Via Debit MasterCard.
  3. To Pay online or transfer your PayPal Balance to others merchants around the world.
  4.  Everyone can use your MasterCard all  over the world.
If you don’t want to create PayPal account BUT want to pay online using our verified PayPal than NO worries!
For more details: Quick contact on Skype!
Please let me know, I’m here for you.

A complete solution for online payment gateway in Nepal.

could it be that simple? I applied, and got account number for US Payment Services. That’s how easy it was.

I have spent my precious time and money to research over online payment gateway more than 10 years in Nepal, let me explain the process clearly. This process confused me, so if it even slightly confuses you, then the following paragraph step by step may help:

US Payment Service

  • US Bank Account Number.
  • Prepaid MasterCard
  • Online login Statements

Required Documents (any one)

  •   Passport scan copy
  • Driving License scan Copy
  • National iD / Citizenship Copy
  • How to appl;(earn $25 today*)
  • Apply for a US Bank Accounts for non U.S. Citizens or non U.S. Residents
  • No Matter Where you are in the world,

Affiliated US Vendors

  • Amazon / eBay
  • PayPal (World’s No. 1 Online payment gateway accepted all over world)
  • Skrill (skrill is accepted by almost all Vendors or Merchants )

Prepaid MasterCard 

  • Accepted all stores online
  • Withdraw all over ATM
  • Use in online Pay or Buy

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