EDV Result 2019 Online with Namelist of EDV winners

EDV result 2019 is published. You can check EDV result winner name list over here. Electronic Diversity Visa, Commonly known as “EDV” or simply “DV” is a United States mandated lottery program... Read more »

EDV 2019 Online Application, DV Lottery 2019 Online Form

EDV 2019 online application process has been started. Despite of lots of rumors on discontinuation of EDV 2019 after the movements of Donald Trump, USA has planned to continue... Read more »

EDV program possibly no more

According to the immigration law advocate Hari Bhatta, Trump administration can be strong in an entry of Nepalese immigrants through an illegal and overland route in the US. Similarly, government... Read more »

EDV 2018 Form online submission new rules

EDV 2018 form submission has been started from October 4. EDV 2018 has few new rules that must be considered by everyone otherwise form might get disqualified. With an... Read more »

EDV result 2017 online with winner name list

EDV result 2017 is out. After a long wait for a year, it has been published to the public. According to the source, EDV result 2017 is published through... Read more »

EDV 2017 EDV result 2017 EDV Nepal

After 2017 May 5, EDV 2017 entrant status can be checked. Participants of EDV 2016 (those who entered between 2016 October 14 to 2016 November 3, with confirmation number)... Read more »

EDV 2017 DV Diversity Visa Program 2017 open

EDV 2017 Diversity Visa Program Opens Tonight (9:45pm). How to apply EDV form? How to apply online? Useful guide ever. EDV 2017 Points to remember EDV applying is free.... Read more »

EDV Result 2017 – EDV Nepal – Check Name List

EDV Result 2017 EDV Nepal check name list: Interest to check name list of your application status of EDV Result 2017. Here is right way to check name list or... Read more »

EDV Result 2017 – EDV Result 2017 Nepal – Name List

EDV Result 2017, published with name list. EDV (Electronic Diversity Visa) program has become popular event in Nepal. Edv result 2017 entrant status check   EDV result 2017 name... Read more »