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grand theft auto 5, grand theft auto 5 released

 Grand theft auto 5 has been officially announced by Rockstar Games. GTA vice city, GTA San Andreas are world wide famous games by rockstar. Download link for Grand theft auto 5 will be provided soon here. More information, cheat codes on GTA will be provided soon. New update: Grand Theft Auto V is an open […] Continue reading →

war in iraq, iraq war is over- Obama

 War in iraq is over. Obama stated all the US troops– War in iraq is over. Obama stated all the US troops will be back to USA. Obama declared that unpopular war in iraq will be over by year’s end and all US troops will be at home for the holidays. Iraq War has been […] Continue reading →

Gadhafi dead Body kept on freeze in shopping complex

 The dead body of Gadhafi has been kept on freeze in shopping complex. Video of gadhafi dead body More information: Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s burial has been delayed pending an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death on Thursday.  The Associated Press reports that Gaddafi’s body is being held in a freezer at a […] Continue reading →

Iphone 4 broke the record, 4 days 40 lakhs Iphone sold

 Iphone 4 was on market since friday. Apple has informed that 40 lakhs Iphone 4 is already sold. Company had targeted to sold 30 lakhs Iphone4 sets. Apple further said that, Iphone 4 is too much secure which consists of good hardware, good virtual assistant feature, good serial. New Update: The iPhone 4 has an […] Continue reading →

Earthquake in Nepal with damages till now

 Strong Earthquake with 6.8 Richter scale at 6:30 pm on 18th September has caused the death of 8 Nepalese. 3 From kathmandu, 2 from Sunsari, 1 from Sankhuwasawa are said to be cause of death by Earthquake in Nepal. Earthquake that occurred on Sunday evening has damaged the main building, kitchen, hostel and library of […] Continue reading →

How to surf safe and be safe from cyber crimes

 If you’ve been catching up on the news, you might have noticed a recent article on the rising number of cybercrimes in Nepal. You might think you’re safe, for you log out every time you’re done and you don’t save your passwords. However, there are a hundred ways in which cybercriminals can deceive you; and […] Continue reading →

web-hosting, cheap webhosting, webhosting nepal, free webhosting

 WapNepal WebHosting Features   Hosting Plan Comparison Yearly hosting Average Yearly Cost Rs 3000/- Web-Hosting Features Features Disk Space UNLIMITED Monthly Bandwidth or Traffic UNLIMITED Number of Websites you can host 1 Free Domain Name yes(limited time) #1 RV Online WebSite Builder FREE 800 Professional WebSite Templates FREE Data Transfer From other Hosting 100 Rs […] Continue reading →

Free Webhosting, Best Free Webhosting Websites

 There are lots of free webhost providers. According to web hosting forum, But only few provides best service with cheap hosting. Though free web-hosting does not provide best service as of paid hosting, here are list of some best free webhost providers. These web-hosting companies stood as a best and Top free webhosting for 2011. […] Continue reading →

List of Top 100 websites of Nepal

 Alexa determines the top websites and provides the rank of top websites on country basis. According to alexa, Top 100 Nepali websites are given as below till today.   1 Facebook A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and … More 2 Google Enables users […] Continue reading →

Bikes In Nepal with latest Bike Rates

 Bikes In Nepal with latest Bike Rates Pulsar Bikes Latest rates Pulsar 220-s  2,37000 NC(not available) Pulsar 220-f  2,57,900 NC Pulsar 180 cc  2,28,900 NC pulsar 150 cc 2,13,900 NC pulsar 135 cc 1,79,900NC Ktm duke rate ktm duke 200cc 3,99,900 NC ktm duke 390cc 5,49,900NC ktm duke rc 200cc 5,00,000 NC ktm duke rc 390cc […] Continue reading →

PLA integration views by India: Wikileaks Nepal

 New US Cable has been found in Wikileaks about context of Nepal. There is a US cable describing People Liberation Army (PLA) integration. Wikileaks leaks the view of India on PLA integration.  The cable shows the following description: US embassy cable that originated in New Delhi states that India was reluctant to support the integration […] Continue reading →

Yamaha Bike Rates In Nepal-Latest Updated

 Yamaha Bikes with latest Prices. Yamaha Bike Price Latest [Updated] The Price List of YAMAHA Motorcycles effective from April 9th, 2013 (27 Chaitra 2069) Yamaha Ray 113   1,64,900.00 YBR 110(5TSF/5TSG)   1,51,900.00 SS 125 (35B4)  1,80,900.00 YBR 125 DX (5YYL )  1,64,900.00   Entcer ( 5US2)  1,83,900.00   FZ16(21C1 /21C5)  2,15,900.00   FZS( 1PS2/1PS4/21C6)   2,18,900.00   […] Continue reading →

EDV winners Scholarship, Scholarship for EDV winners in USA

 If are EDV winner, this might be an important information for you. You are a candidate of US scholarships, that compiles to EDV winners has been announced. The Scholarship will be fit for U.S. Citizens; U.S. Nationals; U.S. Permanent Residents; Temporary Residents (in a legalization program); Refugees; Asylees; Cuban-Haitian Entrants; or Humanitarian Parolees. The student must […] Continue reading →