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Bike Price in Nepal New Latest Bikes in Nepal

 Bike price in Nepal. Complete list of all bikes available in Nepal with price. New latest bikes in Nepal with price. People want to have a easy life and choose for bikes. Some people want to have stylish bike as well. It depends upon the individual interest. Lets go to the topic, bike price in […] Continue reading →

EDV 2017 fill form of dv lottery nepal

 EDV 2017 lottery is open from October to November 2015. EDV 2017 winners are selected on the month of March 2016. EDV 2017 winners will leave Nepal and reach US on 2017. People go to cyber and photo studio for filling form of dv lottery. People must know EDV is free for everyone. People must […] Continue reading →

Constitution of Nepal 2072 Nepal constitution 2072

 Constitution of Nepal 2072 can be downloaded from here. Nepal constitution 2072 is online over here. You can read it or download it. Constitution of Nepal 2072 was issued in Ashwin 3 of 2072. It is written in Nepali language. Constitution of Nepal 2072 Nepal constitution 2072 is readable here. You can download Nepal constitution 2072 […] Continue reading →

Nepal constitution 2072 Constitution of Nepal 2072

 Constitution of Nepal 2072 in pdf download from here. You can read full Nepal constitution 2072 online as well. New constitution in Nepal is raising a new hope among people for the development of country. नेपालको संविधान is available here. You can download constitution of Nepal 2072. Constitution of Nepal 2072 2015 was applied from Ashoj […] Continue reading →

Download Nepali Typeshala, Nepali type sala

 Download Nepali Typeshala for increasing typing skill. Typing skill has been important factor for this computer era. Nepali Typeshala was founded many years before. Till date, Typeshala has been an awesome product for enhancing typing skill. All can increase Nepali typing skill with Nepali Typeshala. Nepali Typeshala is also known as Nepali type sala. Download […] Continue reading →

IELTS Test Date 2016 2017 Nepal

 IELTS test date 2016 Nepal is full till April 2016. Those who booked the test date must pay fee by 14 days. If they do not pay the fee, the vacant seat date will re-open. Check the seats over here. Book IELTS Test Date Nepal IELTS test date is easy to book. Candidates can book IELTS […] Continue reading → vs Reviews

 Ipay and Esewa are renowned payment gateways of Nepal. We are placing a reviews between (Ipay payment gateway) and (Esewa Payment Gateway) Lets differentiate between Ipay and Esewa Page Speed Score Mobile 44, Desktop 55 Mobile 63, Desktop 78 We took Google PageSpeed Insights for measuring the speed. Ipay wins on page […] Continue reading →

No Objection Letter Nepal Ministry of Education

 MOE (Ministry of Education) Nepal distributes No Objection Letter for students. Only after having, No Objection Letter students can pay the fee for university. Through this page, you can get information on making No Objection Letter from MOE, Keshar Mahal, Kathmandu. Things Required for Making No Objection Letter from MOE Citizenship certificate Photocopy Transcript Certificate […] Continue reading →

Nepal television National Television Channel of Nepal

 Nepal television is national television channel of Nepal. Owned by the Government of Nepal, it is also the oldest television channel of Nepal. It started its service from late 2040’s. It served as the lone channel for many years. Following its trail, numbers of other channels have started their services these days. However, Nepal television still remains the […] Continue reading →

About Nepal Unknown true Facts about Nepal

 Nepal is beautiful country best described for its natural beauty and historical significance. With lots of heritages also listed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List, thousands of tourists both domestic as well as international visit Nepal. Nepal covers less than a percentage of the land in Asia but still stands tall and sovereign. The symbol of peace, […] Continue reading →

Firebird- First Mobile web Browser of Nepal

 Calender, games, other useful apps and now Nepalese developers have made a fully functional fast android web browser too, a thing to be very proud of. Developed by prbstudios, lead by Prabin Bhusal, a computer engineering student in his first year of bachelor’s in Kantipur Engineering College, firebird is an experience on its own. Based […] Continue reading →

Top Websites of Nepal with links

 Top websites of Nepal with links. Nepalese may want to know what is the top website of Nepal? The answer is here. Nepalese wish to visit these websites. Now, we have mentioned the ranking from alexa which provides ranking system in Nepal.,,,, stands for top 5 websites that are visited from Nepal. Nevertheless,,, […] Continue reading →

Be Careful withdrawing money through ATM

 If you are withdrawing money via ATM, you must be careful. Some notorious people may be waiting to copy your ATM password and serial number and try to withdraw your money through E-Banking. Nepal Police has recently arrested Indian citizen Bhuwan Pandy and Dilip Kumar Yadav from Birgunj claiming that they have withdrew money from E-banking copying […] Continue reading →

HSEB Result 2074 Nepal HSEB Results

 Higher Secondary Education Board Nepal (known as HSEB Nepal) is the governing body for the higher secondary education. It co-ordinates, administrates as well as regulates functioning of all the higher secondary levels of schools throughout the nation. When it comes to higher secondary education in Nepal, grade 11 and 12 are considered to be the […] Continue reading →