GOT Talent in Nepal – Nepal GOT Talent

GOT Talent in Nepal with Nepal GOT Talent show. Got Talent is a British reality television show that is owned by Simon Cowell’s SYCO Company. Simon is a famous,... Read more »

High Risk – High Profitable Areas of Investment in Nepal

With the vast opportunity of business available in Nepal. You can start with something as small as starting off with a food vender to supermarket and malls. The sensible... Read more »

Renew Bluebook in Nepal – Vehicle Tax in Nepal – Nepal yatayat tax

Yearly duty for owners of vehicles is paying road tax . It is the duties of vehicle  owner to pay tax or revenue of theirs vehicle or service they... Read more »

Bungee jump in Nepal by Bungi Nepal – Pokhara Bungi Bhotekoshi Bungi

Bungee jump in Nepal is advantageous. Two bungi spots of Nepal are Pokhara Bungi and Bhotekoshi Bungi. Bungi Nepal is a thrilling experience. Bunjee Nepal involves leaping from a tall shape while related to a large elastic cord. ... Read more »

Nepali culture – Nepali Religions – Nepali Costumes – Nepali Food

Nepal is one of the rich countries in culture and tradition, due to different kind of beautiful culture and tradition it is famous whole over the world. The way of... Read more »

NEPAL POPULATION 2075 – Nepal Census – Nepal Central Bureau

In Nepal Census is conducted by Nepal Central Bureau of Statistics. Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) was established in 1959 under Statistics Act, 2015 BS as the central agency... Read more »

HISTORY OF NEPAL – Nepal History Important Points to Remember

History of Nepal is amazing. So everyone wants to learn Nepal history. This article covers important points of Nepal History from ancient era to present era. Nepal History is... Read more »

Multinational companies in Nepal – Top Nepali Business on Profit

Nepal has number of Multinational companies like Unilever, Ncell, Bottlers Nepal. Here are the top 10 multinational companies in Nepal. Multinational companies in Nepal Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL): Unilever... Read more »

ISP in Nepal – Best Internet in Nepal – Nepal Internet

ISP in Nepal are maximum in Nepal. It is hard to choose best Internet in Nepal. Nepal Internet service started since long. Here are the best Internet providers in... Read more »

Hospitals in Nepal – Best Nepal hospitals – Cheap Hospital

There are many hospitals in Nepal. Among them these are the best Nepal Hospitals. This includes cheap hospital of Nepal as well. Lets have a look at the top... Read more »

UN Nepal United Nations Mission Nepal UNMIN UNHCR

UN stands for United Nations mission. UN Nepal has several bodies like UNMIN, UNHCR, United Nations Mission Nepal. It is one of the INGO which is formed in order... Read more »

Most popular Nepali font Free Download

One  of  the most common questions which one is the best Nepali typing font? Most popular Nepali font for Free Download. We understand the curiosity. However, there are a... Read more »
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