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GOT Talent in Nepal – Nepal GOT Talent

GOT Talent in Nepal GOT Talent in Nepal with Nepal GOT Talent show. Got Talent is a British reality television show that is owned by Simon Cowell’s SYCO Company. Simon is a famous, mainly for being a judge. An amazing person who sometimes may come forward as brutally honest and does not butter the fact and many people may […] Continue reading →

Bungee jump in Nepal by Bungi Nepal – Pokhara Bungi Bhotekoshi Bungi

Bungee jump in Nepal Bungee jump in Nepal is advantageous. Two bungi spots of Nepal are Pokhara Bungi and Bhotekoshi Bungi. Bungi Nepal is a thrilling experience. Bunjee Nepal involves leaping from a tall shape while related to a large elastic cord.  The thrill comes from the free-falling and the rebound. When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils, and continues to oscillate up and down until all the […] Continue reading →

NEPAL POPULATION 2075 – Nepal Census – Nepal Central Bureau

nepal population 2075 In Nepal Census is conducted by Nepal Central Bureau of Statistics. Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) was established in 1959 under Statistics Act, 2015 BS as the central agency for the collection, consolidation, processing, analysis, publication and dissemination of statistics. Census 2011 also known as National Population and Housing Census 2011 marks hundred years in […] Continue reading →

HISTORY OF NEPAL – Nepal History Important Points to Remember

history of nepal History of Nepal is amazing. So everyone wants to learn Nepal history. This article covers important points of Nepal History from ancient era to present era. Nepal History is important for Lok Sewa also. The records of the Nepalese monarchy has been the fundamental and inseparable phase of the history of Nepal.Nepal history can be […] Continue reading →

Multinational companies in Nepal – Top Nepali Business on Profit

Multinational companies in Nepal Nepal has number of Multinational companies like Unilever, Ncell, Bottlers Nepal. Here are the top 10 multinational companies in Nepal. Multinational companies in Nepal Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL): Unilever Nepal Limited manufactures, distributes, and sells detergents, scourers, laundry soaps, soap noodles, toilet soaps, and personal products.Some name of produt are fair&lovely(cosmetics),dove(soap and shampoo),closeup(thoothpaste),axe(deo),lux(soap),ponds(cosmetics). The company […] Continue reading →

UN Nepal United Nations Mission Nepal UNMIN UNHCR

un nepal UN stands for United Nations mission. UN Nepal has several bodies like UNMIN, UNHCR, United Nations Mission Nepal. It is one of the INGO which is formed in order to help the needy people or to help people to come out of problems. This organization also helps in development of the developing country like Nepal.  […] Continue reading →

Most popular Nepali font Free Download

popular nepali fonts One  of  the most common questions which one is the best Nepali typing font? Most popular Nepali font for Free Download. We understand the curiosity. However, there are a number of fonts which performing the excellent job. If you are searching the most popular Nepali fonts, this post will help you to find out. Yep, […] Continue reading →