Pokhara Internet Barahi Internet Reviews

Pokhara Internet (PI net) is not satisfactory. I had lots of trouble during surfing webpages. Even I could not start writing, posting articles on my websites. PI net is... Read more »

Free WiFi in Pokhara (Free Internet in Pokhara)

Free Internet (wifi) in 3 places of Pokhara from Now. Unlimited internet access, Unlimited download and feel free internet in Pokhara Valley. Free Wi-Fi in Pokhara Airport Area Lakeside... Read more »

Free WiFi Hotspot in Pokhara

Unlimited Free Wi-Fi in Pokhara   With the end of journey of second year of WapNepal.com, Wapnepal.com is providing free WiFi in Pokhara. The WiFi trial phase is running... Read more »