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Nepali Khana – Alu Jira

 Learn how to cook Nepali khana. Nepali khana is loved by tourist. Who come to visit Nepal. Thamel area are famous for Nepali khana. Now, you can prepare yourself Nepali khana and enjoy your taste. Nepali khana healthy and full with nutrition. Nepali Khana Alu Jira cooking method: Time will take 20-25 minute. 3-4 persons […] Continue reading →

About Nepal

Nepal is beautiful landlocked country. With land form ranging flat land Terai to high Himalayas, Nepal has various geographical features. You can know a lot about Nepal both online as well as in various types of media. Nepal is often considered third world nation due to the slow pace of development and various other development indexes. Nepal has […] Continue reading →

Nepal television

 Established in the 2040s, Nepal Television is continuously providing its service to Nepali. It is owned by the Government of Nepal and is also the oldest television channel of Nepal. It was the only channel for many years. It broadcasts programs of different natures and tastes. It has continuous news services as well as various public concern programs […] Continue reading →

Citizen Investment Trust – Nagrik Lagani Kosh

Citizen Investment Trust Citizen Investment Trust known as Nagarik Lagani Kosh established on 1999 under Citizen Investment Trust Act, 1990. CIT is only sole company that acts an investment trust. Citizen investment Trust8 Citizen investment trust has played important role to develop capital market of Nepal. Various scheme and plan has been launched under CIT schemes. Example of […] Continue reading →

SLC Result 2074 SLC Result Nepal 2017

 SLC result 2074, SLC result 2017 is ready and you can download it from here with mark-sheet. SLC result is published through online websites at first. Students can get SLC result online if you have symbol number and date of birth with you. SLC examination was held on chaitra of 2073 and result is going […] Continue reading →

EDV Result 2017 – EDV Nepal – Check Name List

 EDV Result 2017 EDV Nepal check name list: Interest to check name list of your application status of EDV Result 2017. Here is right way to check name list or winner. EDV Result 2017 is published result of winner of EDV lottery program held on 2015-2016 under name of EDV 2017. Winner of EDV 2017 can […] Continue reading →

EDV Result 2017 – EDV Result 2017 Nepal – Name List

edv result 2016 EDV Result 2017, published with name list. EDV (Electronic Diversity Visa) program has become popular event in Nepal. Edv result 2017 entrant status check   EDV result 2017 name list Name list of EDV 2017 result winner publish. Different sources publish EDV 2017 winner name list. Name list are available here with alphabetical order. Example […] Continue reading →

Online Marketing In Nepal | Online Advertising In Nepal

 Online marketing in Nepal includes launching campaign on digital means. Including Facebook Marketing. Online marketing mainly refers to Internet Marketing. Online marketing means doing marketing through internet channel. here provides complete solution of online marketing in Nepal. NPNepal provides Facebook marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and web marketing. Online Marketing In Nepal Present […] Continue reading →

Facebook Marketing In Nepal – Complete Solution

 Facebook marketing in Nepal leads more promotional activities on business. NPNepal provides complete Facebook marketing solution. Facebook marketing plays important role to generate more lead to small to medium level business. Facebook Marketing In Nepal: How To Do? Facebook marketing includes promotion of business products or services through Facebook. Today more than million of people […] Continue reading →

Sparrow SMS | SMS Marketing Nepal

 Sparrow SMS is one of the well known VAS (Value added service) provider in Nepal. VAS is a part of telecommunication industry. While there are numbers of information based companies are being opening and running in Nepal. On particular subject of SMS marketing, Sparrow SMS comes on the top. Today’s competitive market, adoptation and flow […] Continue reading →

Nepali Lok Geet Nepali Lok Dohori Geet Nepali Song

 Nepali lok geet are always heart touching. They incorporate true emotions of a Nepali. With time, Nepali lok geet are also being modernized and new versions are being introduced. Being more authentic lok geet, they have been more like Lok-pop. Lok in Nepali means Folk. They are more about society. They are composed with folk music. However, lots […] Continue reading →

Nepali pop Songs collection with lyrics

 As the name itself suggests Nepali Pop Songs are very popular in Nepal. Pop is abbreviation for Popular and it is one of the most appreciated genres in Nepal too. Various talented artists have given their songs and entertained us till the day. So far history of music in Nepal is concerned, things are said to have started […] Continue reading →

Nepali Songs Nepali Songs history

 Nepali songs are popular not only in Nepal but also in different parts of world. This has been proved by Kutumba’s journey to Coke Studio Pakistan, Ani Choying’s performance for Oscar Winning Music Director AR Rehman in Coke Studio India, Nepali song being used in Bollywood in Hindi translation. Nepali songs consist of lots of love and compassion. […] Continue reading →

Nepali Poems

 Nepali poems have also been part of our culture. They are also habit of significant numbers of Nepalese when it comes to expression of feelings, sentiments, emotions, respect as well as appreciation. People generally compose poems for personal reference while they also like to recite them to friends or mass. Similarly, some of these Nepali poems also get […] Continue reading →