Nepal Airlines Booking Online Ticket

Nepal Airlines booking is open. Nepal Airlines Booking online is available only from here. You can book Nepal Airlines flight within a minute. For booking domestic flights and international flights... Read more »

B.Sc. Agriculture Entrance Exam (2074):MERIT LIST

AFU (Agriculture and Forestry University) has published the merit list of students appearing in the Entrance exam held on 22nd mangsir 2074 at 11am , Rampur campus . 1800+... Read more »

Nepal visa, visa for Nepal by Nepal embassy Nepal immigration office

Nepal visa, Visa for Nepal, Visa cost, Visa to Nepal See the process of visa for Nepal, visa to Nepal and cost of visa to Nepal. Full details over here.... Read more »

AFU Entrance exam UPDATE

It is to notify that the Entrance exam of both faculties  (B.V.Sc & A.H. and B.Sc. Fisheries) will be held on the following date , time and place. Date:... Read more »

Nepal Election 2070 instruction

Voting process for Nepal election 2070. Nepal Election Result will be published here on Hey guys, Tomorrow we all go out to vote. Please do so. I am... Read more »

Online Vote for Nepal CA election

Vote for Nepal CA election 2070 over here online. Voting Rules: Single User can vote for single time. Our IP tracking system automatically tracks your vote. Current result is... Read more »

MOE ENTRANCE EXAM 2074 plus Result

MOE (Ministry of Education) entrance exam 2074 is going to be held on Mangsir 29, Saturday at 1 PM. MOE ENTRANCE EXAM 2074 Online Application form for MOE entrance examination... Read more »

Tihar Tika Time 2074

The date of Tihar falls in either in October or November (Kartik or Mangsir) each year, depending on the cycle of the moon. The Tihar festival actually runs for... Read more »

Candidate List for Election in Nepal with symbols

List of candidates for constitutional assembly 2070 election are as follows. We have even included symbols for the candidates on their upcoming election. These are symbols provided by Election... Read more »

Nepali Horoscope Daily Horoscope Nepali Rashifal

See Daily Nepali Horoscope for Today. Nepali Rashifal for today. Daily Updated and 100% truth Nepali Horoscope. Nepali Daily Horoscope Everyone must believe on their fortune. What you do,... Read more »

ROHIT CHAND signs for Machindra FC, Remain there for 4 months

ROHIT CHAND , Defender of the Nepal’s National team has signed to play for MACHINDRA FOOTBALL CLUB. With the monthly 1.5 lakhs deal, Chand agreed to join the team... Read more »

FACEBOOK brings POST SEARCH feature !

What do you expect more from FACEBOOK? FACEBOOK has already become a giant and popular social networking website. Facebook is now planning  to add a new feature in it... Read more »

NEA lowers NO-LIGHT period to 3 and half Hour for Dashain!

  Nepal Electricity Authority has made some changes in the duration of Load-shedding in the festival season. NEA has released a new schedule from 25th Ashoj for up to... Read more »

Nepal Telecom Festival Offers!

Nepal’s leading Telecom, Nepal Telecom comes with various offers to it’s costumers in occasion of Dashain , Tihar and Chhath Festivals. NTC has offered discounts in the SMS, Data... Read more »