Chevening Scholarships Nepal

Chevening Scholarships for Nepal is open for one year masters program at UK universities. Apply now to get enrolled. Scholarship is awarded on the following courses. The scholarship program provides a unique opportunity for future leaders and decision-makers from all over the world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.

Scholarship can be applied from You can get application timeline as well as you can find a course. Please check the deadline mentioned below before you apply for the scholarship.

chevening scholarships

A Chevening Scholarship offers financial support along with the opportunity to become part of the highly regarded and influential Chevening global network.

Applicants from Nepal can choose any course of study, but we particularly welcome applications in the following fields:

  • Climate change and disaster management (including biodiversity, ecology, sustainable design, building construction and architecture, crisis/emergency management, and environmental science)
  • International relations (including politics and diplomacy)
  • Economics (including development economics, rural development, business administration, and management)
  • Human rights and democratic governance (including public policy, public administration, journalism and related fields)
  • Science and innovation (including software development, design, fashion, television, radio, and business innovation)

The selection process for a Chevening Awards can vary in length depending on which award you are applying to.

Chevening Fellowships

The process of selecting Chevening Fellows takes a minimum of six months from the application deadline to when fellows are conditionally selected for an award. This can vary depending on which fellowship programme you are applying to. Detailed information will appear on each fellowship’s apply page.

Chevening Scholarships

The process of selecting Chevening Scholars takes a minimum of eight months from the application deadline to when scholars are conditionally selected for an award.

Chevening Scholarships timeline for 2015 2016

3 August 2015Opening of Chevening Scholarships applications. Apply at
3 November 2015Closing of Chevening Scholarships applications
Early November 2015Sifting of applications against eligibility criteria
November to December 2015Independent reading committees assess eligible applications
January to early February 2016Candidates are shortlisted for interview
By mid-February 2016Candidates are notified that they have been selected for interview
29 February to 29 April 2016Interview period
Early June 2016Announcement of interview results
14 July 2016Deadline for university unconditional offers
14 July 2016Deadline for meeting English language requirement
September/October 20162016/2018 Chevening Scholars commence their studies in the UK

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