Civil Engineer vacancy in Nepal Civil Engineering jobs

Civil engineer vacancy, civil engineering jobs in Nepal. Latest jobs in Nepal for civil engineer. Engineering are creators and there are numerous job vacancies for engineers in Nepal. Civil engineer look after designing, supervising different structures.

Civil engineer vacancy in Nepal

Required number of civil engineers 1346
Required number of sub engineers 650
Required number of assistant sub engineers 475 is looking for engineers. Especially, they are searching for civil engineers, sub engineers and assistant sub engineers.

These days there are lots of civil engineer vacancy in Nepal due to the re-establishment of infrastructures after a massive earthquake. If you are civil engineer and looking for a job, this must fit you.

civil engineer vacancy in nepal

How to apply civil engineering job?

For the above mentioned job, go to and apply online. You will be called for interview for selection.

Lastly, goodluck if you are applying for the civil engineering job in Nepal.



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