Customize your Facebook timeline

Facebook Timeline is a new incorporation in Facebook and its quite exciting. When you first begin using Timeline, you are given per weeks time to personalize your timeline before it is released or you can submit immediately and then begin modifying your Facebook timeline.

You can always personalize your Facebook timeline. First phase of personalization begins with including a protect in your Facebook. At the top of your information, after you stimulate timeline, you will see add a protect choice where you can add protect for your timeline. This can be either by selecting from all your images in Facebook or by posting a new picture.

After when you do this, you may want to add your images in different circumstances and then remember about them. For example if you want to add something about your birth, simply select born at the timeline and click on in the pen symbol which indicates modify. Now Add information like your Parents’ name, your Delivery Position, your birth image etc as proven in the image below.

In the same way you can modify any component in your Timeline. You can also select to reduce or function any component in the timeline.

 Be sure you preserve whenever you modify any component in your timeline.

 Your every position is modified on timeline and you have management over it. You can cover up any of your action from timeline. You can personalize timeline on your own way.

New update:

Five ways to Customize Your Facebook Timeline

1: Enable Timeline for Your Facebook Page

2: Browse your Timeline

3: Edit Your Life Events

4: Edit Your Existing Stories

5: Changing Your Cover Photo


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